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  1. It is a 2 years threads and probably @bradsayers already found a solution but since I came accross the thread from Google wondering the same question. Here is the solution I'm using for both finder and Evernote. With Keyboard Maestro I added a condition if Finder or Evernote is active then instead of doing Default del action type CMD + BACKSPACE. Now, I can delete notes by just typing del on the keyboard.
  2. Well it got fixed, on its own. Or because I changed some formatting by make the commands into code snippets. The note is now at the very top and now without the quotes. I wouldn't be able to explain why but frustration time on this one is over. I would like to thank you for the assistance and great suggestions.
  3. Okay so I understand it isn't something i'm not doing right. I checked your resources and the intitle commands helps to narrow down to less than 10. I guess i can leave with that. This thread should almost turn and as a feature enhancement.
  4. Hello, I'm facing what I believe is an issue, it just has to be. I'm HIGHLY FRUSTRATED but i do have some love for Evernote regardless. I have this note which is a command to install a software which I use a lot. The title of the note is Install SoftwareName The note content is install Softwarename then the command The Tags are install, software name, install software name. When I type in the search field install softwarename, the note is a middle of a non related notes which may include the software na
  5. Oh please dear god! Do this feature already. I'm using Evernote for tons of things and i want it to be a swiss knife. I have more than 20 apps opened and i dont' want another one for to do. And guess what, i'm a free user for now always checking for a reason to go premium but the value added to the premium account isn't enough for me to step in. If you made a greater To Do list management, i would jump without second thoughts on the premium. You don't want to be another to do app, but you aren't otherwise no one would use you in the first place you are a note taking app okay, done deal. What
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