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  1. Select multiple notes and create Table of Contents Much more efficient than copying internal links and pasting into TOC note.
  2. Windows 10 "Snip & Sketch" copies screen snip to Windows Clipboard. Your clip may be pasted into an EV note shared via email to your Evernote email address.
  3. Web Clipper didn't work in Chrome on my Windows PC when I returned from vacation; clicking the toolbar icon did nothing. Don't know if this is significant, but I had used Evernote and Chrome (not Web Clipper though) on my Android devices while away. Experimentation following advice in other threads here got it working again. I disabled/re-enabled the Web Clipper in Chrome extensions (may or may not be necessary, but it did no harm). Then I checked the "Allow access to file URLs" checkbox. Now clicking the toolbar icon produced results. I was required to sign in (although I had an Evernote tab open in Chrome). Then I had to refresh the page I was trying to clip. Clicked the icon again and SWEET SUCCESS!
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