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  1. Thanks for this feedback. We're still working on the sidebar. I'm hoping to have more changes in the next beta. By the way, the goal for the changes are 2 fold. 1) To improve visibility of the selection and provide a little more color and 2) Provide some visual hierarchy between major buttons such as notes and notebooks and the sub-buttons underneath them. Thanks for the UI updates. I for one am confused on the color choice of BLUE. The icon is green, the site is green, the apps are green, why is the OS X highlight color BLUE? Second item is when you select a notebook it does not highlight the notebook, just the NOTES icon. Should highlight what you have selected. Thank you
  2. I would add that the main category headers on the left bar: work chat, shortcuts, notes, notebooks, ect all appear to be a little too large based on everything else around them. It would recommend a slight size reduction for those headers as most everything else, including the items below the headers, size wise looks ok. Just the headers look too large.
  3. This is a great step forward but I have a high dpi display, 3200x1800, and the text of Evernote looks blurry. Everything is now larger but not sharper.
  4. I had this problem for a while, however I deleted the app, reinstalled and it started working. Have you tried that?
  5. Yes I have checked this several times and turned it off and on. Per my original post it Spell Check works in all other apps just fine, not in Evernote. Frustrating that something so basic does not work. I opened a ticket and they said it was a bug a few months back, but not been fixed.
  6. My issues are still with Spellcheck and general typing/formatting of text and tables on the iOS apps. Just give me spellcheck and we will be off to a good start!
  7. @Marcus - This is good to hear that EN will be focusing on getting the core product working/better/improved/solid before moving on to other things. Thank you! Can I ask for the same for the iOS apps as well? There are lots of bugs that I have submitted and it would be good to have that lineup get better with bug and function fixes over new features (excluding tables as that needs work for iOS) hint - Spell Check
  8. Good to see improvements with the app. Can I ask about other areas of the app that need work besides work chat such as: - Tables (formatting, editing, and displaying data on small screens) - SPELL CHECK!!!!!!! - Text disappearing on the bottom of the screen when using a Bluetooth keyboard Just a few items I have submitted as bug reports and have been told they are bugs. Thank you
  9. There has been ALOT of feedback regarding the UI, at the request of Evernote, so I am curious when we will start to see changes to it?
  10. I have been having the same issues with tables and how they look on mobile compared to desktop. Here is what I have found out: Adjusting the far right edge of a table changes all the other cell widths change (thats a problem)You can not change the cell heightsFormatting/viewing the table on mobile is very bad, esp for wide tables. Everything is squeezed together and hard read.On mobile stop using "fit to screen" and instead let the user scroll left to right if needed to view the table data.Adjusting cell colors and styles is limited.If you compare this to Onenote, you will see that Onenote does tables ALOT better for a unified experience across desktop and mobile. I will say it again and keep saying it, Evernote should stop adding new stuff for a while and spend the next 6-8 months improving and fixing the functions they have now. If they just spend more time on the CORE issues I know this would be an amazing product!
  11. I am for that, but the app says they have been listening to feedback, and that is great, but I have not seen any feedback here in the forums is all
  12. Can someone tell me where I submit feedback for the beta Scannable app? I get the updates but have no idea where to submit bug and feature requests.
  13. I would suggest, as I have in the previous design thread, make the sharing options simple and easy. Make the toolbar customizable for usersChange the "New Chat" and "Share" buttons to be just icons on the toolbar that match the other icons such as sync and notifications. Apple has a standard Share icon they use with an arrow point upAfter clicking the "Sharing" icon, list all the options directly including Email a note.WorkChat can be its own icon but this could be removed if someone does not use it.
  14. It would be good to get this function working on Evernote, i would support this 10x more than work chat
  15. There are many things that I think Finder does better than Evernote, such as the highlighted menu item (background color), icon deisgn (heavier line width goes a long way... and buttons that actually feels "click-able"! -- the edit tool buttons in EN6 are just abysmal in terms of usability), and so on. This crude comparison is EN vs iTunes, but the points stands. I like this comparison and Evernote could dome something similar when selecting items. Instead of a blue highlight, maybe green or a small green bar that shows the selections. Using green for selections VS blue would be a good simple idea.
  16. There have be a lot of good ideas on the design side. I wanted to say that I agree with the comments regarding Wunderlist and the design approach they took for Yosemite. It was a blend of a flatter design with what they currently had in place. They did not turn everything "shades of gray" but left color in the app where it was needed. Evernote does have its own branding look and feel and that should translate over to the desktop. I would even suggest MORE customizable options for Premium users like the iOS apps have that allow us to setup a color and a limited background. My suggestions are as follows: 1) reduce the toolbar height down a little 2) give us the ability to customize the toolbar completely, with the new standard icons including making search wider or smaller 3) make all the toolbar buttons and icons share the same look and feel (new note and work chat do not look like sync) 4) bring back some color, such as the trademark green, in the app. Maybe the highlight color when selecting a note or the blue dates could be green, or selecting items in the side bar 5) add a thin line separator between the note title and nite body 6) improve the contrast behind the note section so that the note stands out more from the background. Both on the individual and notebook note list views 7) use a common "sharing" button for EVERYTHING with the option to email a note, work chat, whatever. Use the Apple sharing icons 8) follow some of your design ideas on the web into the desktop if you would like to minimize the UI when needed Ok those are my items right off the top of my head...
  17. I agree 100% with this... Jackolocious people have taken time to write comments and there has already been a discussion on this. Based on what you just posted it feels as if you are intentionally ignoring all the previous posts related to this under the 6.0, 6.0.1, and various other threads. Do NOT ask people to start over again. Take the time to do a better summary of what has been asked for and it was NOT just the two items you listed above.
  18. I want to bump this up as this has not been working for a LONG time. With all the releases of "Bug Fixes" I am not sure why such a basic thing is never fixed, but new Work Chat is added.
  19. Spell Check?!?! Can we get SpellCheck working in Evernote? That and table formatting are my biggest issues with the iOS verisons.
  20. Evernote you have created a mess and lots of people that used to sing your praise are now calling for your heads... I think I can sum up why everyone is upset with you, they feel betrayed Instead of working with your community, that has been loyal with you for years, and doing a public beta test you decided that "EVERNOTE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST" and pushed this and Penultimate 6 on everyone. Then started blowing your own horns on the success you have done. The line about "We need to follow what Apple says for design" are not holding much water with people. Lots of programs have a unique UI that helps people get done what they want to get done. UI is only part of it as you know, the other part is User Experience and right now that is LOW> You have betrayed the trust of people by NOT working with your community to flesh out what they want. You did a public beta of 5.6, why the heck did you not want to do this with 6.0? Was there such a pride in Evernote that you did not want to ruin the surprise? You showed it at the conference and in the public keynote, why not let us test it and provide feedback? My suggestion is that you stop with the "We know what is best for you" and "We have a plan for this" lines and start a process of getting a LARGE group of people to test the next releases ASAP. STOP pushed features not everyone will use "Work Chat", "Context" START fixing the key program issues STOP with surprise releases START more beta programs STOP trying to reinvent how we work START making the current items we do easier STOP taking away features we use START allowing us to customize our experience Ok...off my soapbox
  21. Carolyn, we completely rewrote our note editor from scratch so that we could support resizable tables and images and a host of stuff we have planned for the future. However, any big change like this has some translation issues from the old to the new. A couple of things have come up. 1) We took out a line break in front and after bullets. We felt this was more aesthetically pleasing and some people didn't like that they were forced to have it. Because of this, there will be some differences in line spacing. 2) Some third party apps that people use create line breaks and spacing that we no longer recognize. Can you tell me how you created the line breaks? Were you using Evernote or another app? Did you use a standard Return or something else? Are you seeing the issue in all your notes or just a few? Can you tell me more about what is unique about those notes that have the issue? Standard line breaks using return should work flawlessly so if they aren't for you then there's another issue that we'll need to figure out. SoftwareMarcus - The editor that you talk about has been a source of frustration with me personally. Specifically around the tables that you mention: 1) When creating a table on the Mac it is not possible to adjust the height of the cells from what I can see 2) Table formatting on mobile devices including iPhone and iPad is setup as a default "fit to page" view. This does not work well with tables with lots of data. Everything is squeezed together. Why not reduce the font size or allow me to scroll to the left and right so the table keeps the ratio. 3) Along with the "fit to page" item, if you change the width of the columns in the table it makes the table even worse on the mobile device. Everything is squeezed even worse. 4) There is not an easy/quick way to add cell colors for things such as column headers. 5) Adjustments of the table are difficult on the mobile device (i know this is new so I am sure that will improve) Just some issues I have been having. Compare this to Onenote and the table formatting stays the same on all devices and does not "fit to page"
  22. The writing use still very bad with a 1/2 second delay each time I lift and place my pen on the surface or use a finger. Try writing a sentence in print format and you will see this plain as day. The writing should be smooth and I have no idea how this stuff gets tested for quality at Evernote. Still lots of bugs and issues
  23. I'm open to more collaboration. I'll give some thought as to how this might be possible but keep in mind that the forums represent one point of view. It's not necessarily the point of view of all our customers even thought it might seem like it. Like I mentioned before the twitterverse generally loves the new design. Now it might be because they are a younger demographic but they are also Evernote users and should be part of the discussion. The simple answer is that we aren't going back. We will continue to refine and improve the product but our previous design doesn't fit well with Apple's new design direction. Many didn't like iOS7 when it shipped but I think most wouldn't want to go back because the old UI looks out of date. If you use Yosemite everyday and use lots of apps, you'll eventually start to spot the apps that feel out of place because they have big 3D buttons and complex icons with lots of colors. I'm not trying to convince you to like the new design but I think it grows on people. There's an initial shock regarding change and then after repeated use it starts to feel comfortable. It's funny because I think there was a big uproar regarding the black sidebar when Evernote shipped that design and many people expressed hatred for that look. Now people want to bring it back. Design is a curious thing. Could I suggest that instead of going all grey and white, like you have now, that you add some light touches of green in the program? Something that shows this is Evernote at a quick glance and not just some other mac program? I am sure there are some ways you can do this without going back to what you had before. Something subtle such as a thin green border or a very light green/grey menu bar on the left size vs the semi transparent window now. Just ideas. Thank you for talking about this!
  24. Agree with this. Between this and the recent Penultimate upgrade for iOS Evernote needs to fire the design/review team and start over. This is just bad UI for a modern OS.
  25. Yesterday was excited to see what a new major release of Evernote would bring. What would the new UI look like and would we start to see a merging of the new Evernote for the Web and the desktop? Something with a minimal design and enhanced features? Would we be able to customize the toolbar? Alas NOPE... What we have instead is just a new skin on the same Evernote. I have been trying and wanting to like Evernote more however the upgrades over the past year have been painful and isolated. I have NO idea what Evernote does for product roadmaps or testing but something is wrong with their direction. Just look at the public email/post they had to do with Penultimate and the new v6 mess. The same is now being said of the core product. Evernote is thinking "We have the answers!" and yet what people are saying is "No, what you have is a forced choice we do not like". Evernote, it feels like you guys live in a hole that is isolated from how the world works. What we have here is an AND/OR problem with how you make decisions. You are making decisions as if it is Option A OR Option B and then you choose one. However the world we live in is an AND world. Give me BOTH options and let me choose what I want. Give me the options to customize the toolbar and turn off context. Start giving your customers choice and stop changing how you "feel" people should be working with your product. I just started using Onenote for iOS and for Mac and while the functions are basic, they are adding stuff each month, the overall experience is pretty good. I can not write notes or capture audio just yet but I would see that coming soon. HOWEVER, the formatting of notes stays the same on desktop, phone, and tablet. Try doing a table in Evernote and see how it squeezes the information on the display of an iPhone, not easy to read. Anyway I would ask that you step back from whatever roadmap you have and realize people what choice and they want to have the program work the way they would like it do.
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