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  1. Maybe this great app would have different future if it is integrated as a supplementary offer to the services of another giant. I just don’t know to which one
  2. lean and affordable cost for us who are likely to deliver a portion of their revenue stream. They key is how to access business accounts. And of the tools mentioned here, see which one does not have quick access to a pool of professional users
  3. And let me please underline that free or basic must do care what is EN delivering to higher tier subscriptions, because if the company will stop making money from those that pay, the basic ones will soon lose what they enjoy
  4. Since this million dollar question is answered, we come to the point of the theme of my topic: Where is EN into the business world. As an "evangelist" - thanks @GrumpyMonkey for the precise title - of the EN concept, I very much applauded the connection with Salesforce. Scenario is simple: Sales reps visits the customer, opens the template that matches with the record of the VR or the opportunity on his tablet and when at the office, makes the sync. His life is simplified, work done fast in better quality than before and everyone is happy. Why is this freakingly great solution NOT p
  5. @Dave-in-Decatur @DTLow great that it works for you, but let me get this straight: saying that EN still works for me because they still process my notes does not precisely respond to the question Where are they today? How it actually ended up from gathering points to visit the HQ and buy socks and cardholders and join Dreamforce like events with Mythbusters at the keynote to the side of the tech world. And this is what frustrates me. Their absence. A couple of years ago, the Atlas function vanished overnight. With no reason why. A great feature for field based note takers was just removed
  6. I appreciate much all the reposnses here. Indeed EN is still supporting our notes as they are still in the business. My point was about seeing the app slowing down as their competitors are moving forward. And the purpose of the break-up letter was to tell them why I am frustrated to make my voice heard, because I care. I love the app I used to have, I would love to use it with my team and I just don't wanna leave. The easiest thing is to go to any other similar app that supports exported notes from EN and that's all. Hope they listen
  7. Since 2-3 years now, the app seems to be going down the drain. The whole world moves fast and Evernote seems to have taken the exit from the motorway. I was just about to push it to a team of 100 users a couple of years ago and get into business accounts when the maps feature went out. This was the first sign that frustrated me, as the reps with mobile devices miss the feature to map their notes and to be able to search around a location. Then, we had the recent updates of the mobile apps that have miraculously deteriorated the performance of the iOS version and have multiplied the bugs.
  8. It is getting better and better with EN that useful features are taken out - without any excuse - and they don't give a damn about what users say here. April is the time to renew my subscription, which I will not and I will move to a normal membership. Why pay for?
  9. Hello there Among the numerous useful features that vanished with this "upgrade" to 8.0 version, I just found that i cannot manually upload the details of a business card to my contacts. Running on latest iOS and iPhone 6 Tassos
  10. One last thing on this: Atlas was a tool particularly working for those who spend their life in the field. For me, more than 1/3 of my searches were done with Atlas, as it was lot easier to search the notes I took on a particular customer that I very well remembered where is
  11. ....and I don't think that we will ever know It comes to great surprise that EN has cut-off such a feature from the windows PC version app with no reason, without explaining, and still keeping it in the iPad. It just does not make sense and their silence over this, frustrates me. This forum is supposed to open conversations. Apparently at EN when they cannot provide a reasonable explanation they prefer not to speak Pitty...
  12. This. Only. Needless to point out the usefulness in searching notes around at a specific location
  13. Congrats for achieving this milestone. I'm happy to see lately that EN is paying close attention in upgrading this great tool. And here goes the "yes, but...." Well, Atlas is lost and I'm not happy. I used to use a lot the Atlas feature to search for notes I took with my cellular device in a specific location, and I guess I'm not the only one who did it. Please, bring it back Cheers
  14. This request here is a bit difficult to happen because everybody's having notes with more than one tags. What would happen in the shorting algorithm? For me it's very useful to select notes by tag, like it is today. Tassos
  15. To me, reseting the device works fine for a week or so. Before coming to this solution, i had hard times with this bug
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