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  1. Hi, Apparently, the bug with the insertion of horizontal lines is still unresolved (since Evernote 6.8). A detail but very annoying when trying to keep a journal note with "nicely" separated sections clean. Hope it wil get fixed soon... and before the new version is available on the Microsoft Store (nota bene : this only appears when the scale resolution of the screen is set by default on 125%). The version currently available on the Microsoft Store (6.7.5741.0) doesn't show such a bug. Have a great day,
  2. Yes indeed... I've got an laptop with a screen resolution of 1920x1080. The problem appears only with the recommended display settings of 125% but everything's fine when the display settings are set on 100% (far too small for my old eyes...) or 150 % (OK, I'm not THAT old ;-)). Meanwhile, I go back to Evernote 6.7 (= the version downloadable via the Microsoft Store). Thanks for the suggestion anyway,
  3. Hi, The bug with the insertion of horizontal lines isn't fixed yet (since Evernote 6.8). They still don't appear correctly (or best said, they don't appear at all). Hope it will get fixed soon PS : English is not my mother language). Thanks, have a great day,
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