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  1. I don't want to start a riot or say anything unwarranted, but the company has had a lot of management turnover and is not profitable. That plus their complete lack of concern about this issue and I wanted my data somewhere where I knew I could control it. I wanted to get it off their platform before I had no choice. To be fair, a lot of startups go through this, and I understand the dynamic, but I wanted to make sure my data didn't get orphaned in an app that was no longer supported.
  2. I agree! It got to the point that I was beginning to worry about accessing my data so I wanted to get it off the platform.
  3. I completely switched to OneNote. While that may not be the right approach for everyone (OneNote has its pros and cons), for this scenario OneNote is great. You can get stuff out of Evernote, but it's still accessible...and one thing OneNote does very well is search (better IMHO then searching within Windows). Just my two cents.
  4. I too got off of Evernote. It was mostly due to this issue, which became a show stopper for me, but also due to the instability in the company. I moved everything over to OneNote. As I might have predicted, OneNote is way better at some things (the archiving feature, for one), and not nearly as good as others. It was a trade-off. Still, it's free, has unlimited usage across platforms, and I'm not losing sleep about Microsoft's staying power.
  5. I've been waiting for this "feature" for several years and finally switched to OneNote. Admittedly there are a few things Evernote does better than OneNote, but on balance OneNote is better for me overall. But on this particular issue--archiving--and getting old ***** out of the way--OneNote does it extremely well. That was the deal breaker for me. I got tired of waiting for Evernote. Not only was there no action, but never even a single acknowledgement from the company despite what feels like hundreds of posts/comments about this issue.
  6. It seems to me that most of the people who have responded to this lenghty thread proposing workarounds do not understand the use case. The issue is not about searching through a large number of notes. It is about being able to ARCHIVE old information. Several people, including patricksan, understand the issue. We have clients, we take courses in universities, we work on projects--and when they're over, we don't need to see the information again except in rare circumstances. And if one is a consultant or does project work, chances are high that you have notes that are very similar, but which ar
  7. This thread has been alive for almost two years. NEVER ONCE has anyone from Evernote chimed in. OneNote is looking better every minute. I watched the overview video and it looks pretty solid--considerably better than the last time I used OneNote which was nearly ten years ago.
  8. Exactly. Many other programs have this construct...a check-box or something that identifies a record as "hidden". And then there's also a way to "show all" when you need to see/search on everything.
  9. My sense is that what we are calling "archiving"--most people just want a tag that hides notes and excludes them from views. You can toggle the search on and off to include or not include hidden tags. This seems like it would be simple to implement and it would satisfy most of the requests that have been stated here. Technically its not the same as archiving, but I appreciate having all of my notes in one place...I don't want separate files like with OneNote. I just need better control over the volume of the notes that I have. It seems like many, many people are having this problem and it stil
  10. I couldn't agree more. I've been saying many of the same things for years. Many posts on this thread...emails to the company and to their new CEO about this...not a single response. Nada. One can easily see from the way this thread has evolved that they've lost their mojo, and are losing their users, and people, including me, are now looking for alternatives.
  11. I'm aware of the workaround, but I don't want a workaround. I want the product to have the features that users are apparently clamoring for.
  12. + ^ 10 I wish I knew whether anyone at Evernote was paying attention to this forum. I sent an email to their CEO...got no reply.
  13. The problem is, and judging from this thread there seem to be many people with the same frustration, is that it should be very easy to suppress items from the active view of the Evernote database. Its not there aren't workarounds, but all of the workarounds are irritating, and the lack of this capability appears to be negatively affecting people's experience with Evernote. I know I can say that in my case that's for sure. I had emailed this requirement to Phil Libin, and got no response, but then he was gone shortly thereafter. I'm going to try again with the new CEO.
  14. This is a continued source of frustration, and with their new CEO, it seems as though they may start to listen to their users. I sent an email to Phil Libin (old CEO) a few months back about this very issue and never got a response. I don't know if that's because he was on his way out, didn't care, or possibly never saw it. Shortly after that it was announced that he was leaving. I intend to send a similar email to their new CEO shortly.
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