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  1. Thanks "Guru" I don't care about the market, I simply want basic functionality. #fanboifail
  2. Has this been done yet or are evernote still busy making backpacks and wallets?
  3. Archiving of gmail is a perfect example - simple click of a button and the information doesn't clog up your folders and active email. Yes there are workarounds, but this is an enhancement request.
  4. Cheers for your suggestion - great idea. I like Evernote, I hope they are agile enough to incorporate a design which doesn't require users to enable a workaround for an archive feature.
  5. There are many ways to skin a cat - archive functionality works differently depending on the software / application. Preferably it would be searchable and accessible but not immediately visible within my existing notes and notebooks - keeping my non-archived fresh notes clutter free. When I tag something I can still see it.
  6. Clutter for me means content that you want to retain but you do not want visible - just like clutter in a physical sense. The tag method therefore doesn't work the same way an archive function would.
  7. This is a user's board - not a support venue. Evernote staff post occasionally here, as time permits. If you wish to dialog directly with EN staff on this (or any) issue, please submit a support ticket. When there is a core product defect it shouldn't matter to a company what channel is used to provide the feedback - particularly if it is a public forum, they can be seen to be a proactive brand - which is the brush EverNote are painting in the tech media. Or they can choose to ignore valid feedback from customer's looking for more responsive reliable solutions. I still feel particularly wed to EN currently - but like the last 20 years has taught us, it doesn't take long for a new upstart company to demonstrate their credentials as more responsive to user needs and for everybody to switch over.
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