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  1. Hello, CHOOSING the picture that is used as a thumbnail is what we all ask. Of course there are a lot of work arounds from the moment you understand the algorithm of Evernote. Someone automated the keystrokes that are necessary to resize. Such a keystroke-automation with parameter fields exists in every operating system, I think. But resizing is not what we want, we want to CHOOSE. Why? When I add pictures in a note, I have chosen the resolution that I find to be convenient. A photograph from someone in a low resolution, a graph in high resolution (or vise versa). They are added in the note to fulfill also a certain lay-out. I do not want to change the size of these pictures to force them to be the thumbnail! And if I did, and I add a new picture, will all be changed??? NO, WE ASK TO CHOOSE THE THUMBNAIL, not to change sizes. That's adapting our work to a program that has a fault in its design, in stead of adapting the program to make our work easier and more intelligent. Luk
  2. Hello, I had a lot of notes about "people", say an employee-database or the members of an organisation. One picture and a lot of other data (birthday, telephone-number...) I loved it, I had the data everywhere, on my Iphone, Ipad, PC.. One look at Evernote, and I saw the picture of the person, and his name in the thumnail form. Yesterday, I added for every person a scanned report, and I can't see the pictures of the people, but a completely unnessesary report that is downsized to thumbnail format so that every report looks the same. Do I really have to resize all my pictures to get them on the thumbnail? What a waste of time AND a waste of server-space. I don't like that anymore. I'll search for an other program, bye bye Evernote. How can smart people come to such an algorithm? How does it come that it takes so much time (years) to "repair" such an obvious mistake?? I think it is time to write a few comments in IT-literature about this. Best regards
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