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  1. Hello, CHOOSING the picture that is used as a thumbnail is what we all ask. Of course there are a lot of work arounds from the moment you understand the algorithm of Evernote. Someone automated the keystrokes that are necessary to resize. Such a keystroke-automation with parameter fields exists in every operating system, I think. But resizing is not what we want, we want to CHOOSE. Why? When I add pictures in a note, I have chosen the resolution that I find to be convenient. A photograph from someone in a low resolution, a graph in high resolution (or vise versa). They are added in the n
  2. Hello, I had a lot of notes about "people", say an employee-database or the members of an organisation. One picture and a lot of other data (birthday, telephone-number...) I loved it, I had the data everywhere, on my Iphone, Ipad, PC.. One look at Evernote, and I saw the picture of the person, and his name in the thumnail form. Yesterday, I added for every person a scanned report, and I can't see the pictures of the people, but a completely unnessesary report that is downsized to thumbnail format so that every report looks the same. Do I really have to resize all my pictures to get them o
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