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  1. I'm really unsure why they removed this hotkey function. I also rely on it. Evernote Team, please bring it back!
  2. Thanks Eric99 for your help on this! Your suggestion worked and Evernote reads clear as ever. One last step I had to do, not mentioned, was to reboot my computer to apply the changes. Also, an additional note... a user may not have the Evernote icon on the desktop to right-click (as described in the instructions). If this is the case for you, you can find the Evernote icon in Programs folder. The breadcrumb for where I found it on my computer is below... c:drive > Program Files (x86) > Evernote > Evernote > (program icon found here) Evernote needs to know this update was completely unsat, amatuer-hour. Was it not tested prior to release? Although the fix is realitively easy, it should've been worked out before the update was released - at least acknowledge the problem is possible and provide documentation on how to troubleshoot the issue.
  3. Upon second inspection, I notice it's not just the text but also all of the graphical elements across the Evernote program as well; the icons and the Evernote ad in the corner are slightly blurry as well. This is definitely hard on the eyes. Is there any remedy for this?
  4. I'm unsure how I can do that without publicly releasing my personal notes. I don't think that I'll be doing that.
  5. Just moments ago, I updated to the latest version of Evernot on my HP Envy laptop (windows 8.1). Now all of the text throughout Evernote looks blurry or out of focus. Does anyone know how to correct this? Help is much appreciated!
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