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  1. It also does not show in Windows or on the web (although it is still showing in Android). I just want to emphasise how important the location information is, even if I cannot view all my notes on a map any more or sort by location. I used Evernote to take notes during fieldwork, and the locations I stored in the location field are where I took samples from. That location data is crucial for my research. I understand that fancy features using the location data may not be high on your list of priorities; however, removing data I thought was safe in Evernote is not good. If I have to manually copy and paste the coordinates into a separate mapping program (e.g., Google Maps) that would be fine, but right now I can't even do that.
  2. I too have just signed up to this forum to vent my frustration at this (after first sending a complaint to Evernote support). Removing public links to notebooks does not turn Evernote into a "more collaborative environment", but rather it does the opposite. I use the shared links to send my notes to my collaborators without forcing them to sign up to Evernote; many of them are not going to sign up to a new service just to view my notes and are instead going to ask me to send them in a different format. The cynic in me suspects that that might be the point: turn all those people who view public notebooks into signed-up Evernote users... That aside, I really should have to learn about the removal of features through this forum. I just wasted half an hour trying to figure out how I'd created public links in the past, only to stumble across this thread and find out that I couldn't any more. If removing public notebook links really is an improvement for us paying customers, where is an official post from Evernote explaining the rational? PS: I find it ironic that the email I just received from Evernote welcoming me to the forum contained a link to an FAQ... in a public notebook...
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