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  1. Correction: the notes now seem to appear as expected, but there is still an issue with the reminders. See image below. Hope to see this fixed soon.
  2. Just tested the most recent update for Mac (7.1.1) and nothing has changed. See screenshot (there are 7 notes in this saved search). Still the same issue, which I reported for the first time in October (!!). It is so hard to believe that no one at Evernote is capable of fixing this - and so hard to trust this service anymore.
  3. Ok, that's it, I have no more patience with Evernote. It just doesn't work on Mac. I'm going to ask for a refund of my recent premium purchase...
  4. After updating today there is little reason for optimism. It is still not working.
  5. And so, after updating today there is little reason for optimism. See attached screenshot. I wonder if the Evernote developers (and CEO?) is aware that they have an expensive product that is NOT WORKING?
  6. I use Version 6.12.3. Its a known bug the support told me now. Should be fixed in one of the next updates.
  7. Hi, The current version of Evernote seems to be extremely buggy. Very often the notes are simply not showing in the sidebar when I click a tag or a notebook. Sometimes they appear over the reminders field. See attached screenshot. Does anyone else experience this? Are there any solutions to it? Thanks, Kenneth
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