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  1. This issue has already been fixed. Everynote admins need to archive this thread. You can very easily change the default sorting for individual notebooks. I think as someone else mentoned it's only in the desktop version. But I'm not certain.
  2. It is quite buried but I found it here. You have to be premium to submit a ticket, so if you don't see that option at the bottom of the form that would be why. If you don't want to pay for premium just to submit a ticket, the customer service people that I chatted with helped me get a ticket submitted before I had premium. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=176617
  3. I voted this up! I have a 2n1 dell laptop with windows 10 and I would love to be able to use to the touchscreen to control Evernote's desktop program. Plus the EN windows "app" is completely useless.
  4. This is a technical issue. I've had the same issue as well as others. The guru's on this forum had me submit a ticket with customer service regarding it. I suggest you do the same.
  5. It's unfortunate because there really isn't a product that is as integrated as Evernote. At least none that I have found that serve my needs. I just deal with the limited notebook structure for lack of a better option. I really do love everything about Evernote, there are just a few things I personally would tweak. For the most part they have updated or added all the features I've had issues with or wanted in their own time.
  6. I understand how to use tags and the tagging system. I find the way you have picked apart my post about my personal opinions to be insulting. This is the way I work or like to organize things. You do things one way and that's fine, I don't do things your way. That's all I'm saying. Everyone does things differently, just because you don't see a problem doesn't mean there isn't one.
  7. By Complex search syntax, I'm referring to the search function. For example, if you want to find a note but you only want to search the title or you have other specific parameters, you need to use the various search function syntax such as "intittle:" before the name of the note. It can get complicated to try to search for one note. I am not referring to tags as complex search syntax. Again, different strokes. To each their own. And everyone is different.
  8. Yes, you can't please all the people all the time, that's true. However, just one extra level would add a great deal of extra flexibility for a large number of people. I see so many people asking for this feature. It doesn't make sense as a company for them not to want to implement it. However, we'll never know if this is something EN is working on until we get it or don't. I for one would just like to see "Dividers" or "Sections" (sub-notebooks), that would only add one extra layer but it would make my life so much more organized. That would make the hierarchy as such: Stacks>Notebooks>Divider or Section>Notes. This would be in line with the whole notebook analogy that Evernote has created. Notebooks often come in multiple subjects with dividers in them for different topics within the same notebook. I think added this sub-notebook level makes perfect sense. Tags don't seem to work for my brain. I use them, but in the traditional way they were originally designed for, as a way to add to the organization of things. Not as the main focus for organization. For me and the way I think, Tags are too cumbersome to organize and access. Searching and then narrowing said search by tag feels like way too much work or remembering search complex syntaxes just to find one note. If I put certain things in a designated folder, I can just go straight to that folder and know it'll always be in there. It's very straight forward type organization. Again to each their own but if there are enough people that want a feature and it is withing their power to add that feature, why not add it.
  9. I am aware that this post is older, but it's been 3 years since this was posted and there is not a real solution to this issues of the search being overly complex. Use more tags and add these extra words are a workaround but not really a solution. What I meant by search results based on word placement and/or title first is this, I have a note titled "cars I want". I type "car" in the search box without the quotes and it brings up every single note that has those three letters in that order in any place in the note, title, or tags. So I get a long list of completely irrelevant notes, that are not the one note that has just "Car" in the title. It seems ridiculous that I should have to add a special phrase to get Evernote to find that one note and only that one note. If I type the extra "intitle:" part, yes, of course I get the note I was looking for, but that's my point. I should have to add that something extra to find what I am looking for. Whenever there is a search box on a website or in another program you type a word or phrase and it will bring results showing your word or phrase that appear in the title area first and the body of the document or website or whatever it is your searching second. If my post here is not relevant then I apologize for that. Also, I am not meaning to be rude or sound rude, I am simply trying to express my issues with the search function.
  10. I am also frustrated by Evernote's search function. As far as I've seen, Evernote is the only search that doesn't organize search results based on word placement or title first. It makes sense that if I'm going to search for something the first things that should come up are things with the search phrase in the title, then in the body of the document. I shouldn't have to add "intitle:" to my search to get it to find the title first. This has been very frustrating for me as well because my brain works in the same way. I should be able to type a word or phrase in the search box and find notes with those words in the tittle without having to remember different search phrases or enter special tricks to compensate for the lack of functionality. I've been using Evernote since the beginning and paying for premium in an effort to help it grow. I have seen progress but some things seem to be lacking still and instead of fixing the issues, they offer you work-a-rounds that make things take longer or harder to accomplish.
  11. I had a similar issue with the intittle: search not showing results. The problem for me was I was leaving a space between the : and the first letter of the search phrase. Example intittle: car came up with nothing but intittle:car brought back the results I was looking for.
  12. Agree! I would also like to see a sub-notebook feature! Tags are great but they are cumbersome to get to because they are in a completely different section than the notebooks. So a lot of scrolling or moving around the screen has to happen to find the tags, especially in the android app. Notebooks in the real world often have "dividers". So if we're going with that analogy, EN should have Stacks>notbooks>dividers>notes that would make keeping all the information organized so much easier. I've tried other way to "work around" this issues, such as creating custom searches. This allowed me to show notes from a particular notebook with a particular tag, however, the searches show up at the very bottom of the side menu. So that leads to a lot of scrolling to find what I needed. Then on the app, those same searches are in a different place. The same with shortcuts, on windows it's at the top, on android It's at the bottom. A lot of people are accustom to this type of file folder system. Tagging is just too cumbersome to use as a "folder" system.
  13. I have submitted a ticket and it has been forwarded to the development department so it seems like they will be adding it to the next update.
  14. Thanks for the help. I'm glad I am not the only one dealing with this. I figured it has to be something in the software. It does go away temporarily when I exit and reopen. I've just learned to live with it and just double check it to make sure it's not misspelled before moving on. Do you think I should also contact support regarding this issue?
  15. You are correct. It did seem to fix it for the moment but as of yesterday I noticed it was doing it again. So it must be something in the software.
  16. Thank you for the response. Exiting Evernote and re-opening it seemed to fix the issue. I thought that I had done that already in an effort to fix it but perhaps not. Thank you again it's all better now!
  17. I have been using Evernote for windows for a while. I am currently running version I started noticing a few weeks ago that evernote's build in spell-check is flagging all my contractions. For example when I am typing it underlines words that are spelled wrong in red. I do not use the menu version to spell checking the whole note. While typing words such as Don't (do not), Can't (can not), Won't (would not) are flagged incorrect. When the righ-click menu suggests the root word as a correction (do instead of don't, etc.). This has never been an issue before. I have not change anything regarding the dictionary or words in the dictionary. It is not happening in any other program on my computer that has this type of active spell check feature.
  18. Thank you! I found it! It's not in the "view" drop down menu it's in the "right click" menu. If right-click the notebook there is an option to "remember view settings". Awesome!! Finally! Why doesn't Evernote release this information when it gets updated? Or do they? I'm subscribed to their email list and get emails about things that are not important to me but not functional usage things like this!
  19. Nope. If I sort a notebook's notes by recently created date and I go into a different notebook it's sorted the same. If I then sort that by tittle and go back into the previous notebook it's all sorted by tittle too. I use the windows desktop platform. I can't speak on any other format.
  20. I really want this feature too!! Please evernote!!
  21. Is that Emoji & symbols menu only on mac? It's not in my windows desktop version.
  22. Wow I've been looking everywhere for this! Thankfully it's not gone! I was getting so frustrated not being able to go back.
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