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  1. It's worse than this. Even if you have a bullet list in your text, you cannot encrypt it. Try it. No reasonable way to encrypt meeting notes for example as they generally have some markup.
  2. This request has been here for years. They have an an encryption feature but if your text has bullet points or other markup, Evernote won't encrypt it. Evernote also doesn't ask you to type in the encryption password twice. So mistype the password, your text is now unrecoverable. So it's minimal. With all the press regarding privacy, you would think this is an easy grab for Evernote. But I'm tired of waiting for it and checking out other products.
  3. You can encrypt an individual note by selecting the text and right click to encrypt. But this is on a note by note basis and has issues on top of it that Evernote has not fixed. The primary one is that if you have ANY markup like a bullet in the text you want to encrypt, you cannot encrypt the text. It's a bug that Evernote has known about for a couple of years and it has not been fixed. Maybe their new editor this year will address it, but that doesn't solve the primary issue you mentioned. I believe encrypting notes is not part of Evernote's strategy. Encryption has been a request
  4. After following this thread for over a year, and realizing the request has been here since 2014, I am fairly satisfied Evernote will not be providing a formal archive solution. Even something as simple as a new top level node and hierarchy I can move old notes to would actually help. The tag solutions promoted here over and over again are cumbersome to me. So I just exported over 1000 notes to HTML and enex files, and deleted the notes and notebooks so the hierarchy view is clean again. I can search those folders in Windows and approximate an Evernote archive search. I am also ready
  5. I ran into this today as well. Windows 10 (10.0.14393 Build 14393) and Evernote (305825). If there is a bullet, right click encrypt menu is not available but Ctrl-Shift-X works. However if you use Ctrl-Shift-X on bulleted text, you will notice that the un-encrypt option does not appear on the bulleted encrypted text. It's broken both ways (encrypt and unencrypt). Everything works fine on plain text.
  6. I am also looking for exactly this feature. The longer I use Evernote, the more I need this to continue to have it to be a productive tool for me. I have too much clutter in my notebooks but occasionally want the ability to search everything I have ever entered. This is even more important with paid accounts as its not as easy as just creating another account for archived information. If I could make a note or entire stack as archived. When archived, the note does not appear in the left panel or any searches. There would be new options to "Show Archived" for the left panel or "archiv
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