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  1. I trashed Evernote App on my iPhone and also in iTunes. Restarted my iPhone to be sure no bits remained. Downloaded the app in iTunes again. Sync'ed it to my iPhone. Opened the app. Signed in with my (new) ID and password. Et voilà, problem solved. Everything works fine now. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Hi Evernote on my MB and on the web are working fine and insync using my 2nd (replacing the 1st and faulty) account. All notes are on both platforms. Evernote on my iPhone is acting up, refusing my (new, 2nd) password. So, shall I just trash and reinstall Evernote on my iPhone? That will do it? Before I do, pls confirm. Txs
  3. When trying to sync between my MacBookPro (OS 10.9.4) with Evernote 5.5.1 and iPhone 5 (iOS 7.1.2) with Evernote 7.4.2 nothing happened. I tried several times, but only the Evernote notes on my Mac were there. I trashed and reinstalled Evernote on my iPhone, and when I tried to access Evernote on my iPhone, I got the window stating my account has been deactivated. But on the web it was still there. I then deactivated on the Web and set up a new account. All OK via the Web (new ID and new password), but now on my iPhone I get that the password (that works on the web) was revoked. I AM STUCK NOW. What now?
  4. Thanks Sentinel. Since I didn't have that many notes in my Notes.app, my son suggested to cut & paste the content of each note in Evernote. That worked out fine.
  5. How can I import my notes from Apples Notes App into Evernote?
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