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  1. To those who think that we shouldn't voice our oppinion or ask for a feature. If no one does that, how will Evernote or any other company producing products know what their customers want? Not saying anything, and staying silent is a sure fire way of not getting the features you want. I also want a Linux version, and I understand why there are software not available on Linux. It is more expensive to do cross platform development. And so far linux as a desktop OS (disregarding phones) it is still under 1%. While its more producive to give constructive feedback than complaining, it's most definately not bad manners. As a software developer myself, I do want as much feedback as possible, so I can make as good software as possible for my users. And it doesn't matter if you pay for it or get it for free. Although, I think you as a user should have some more rights if you do pay for the software, since without that money, we developer would not have jobs. So for those that want a Linux version, please continue making your voice heard. Those that doesn't care about Linux... why are you here wasting you time, I bet there are other features you want in Evernote, why not make that known to Evernote instead.
  2. I might be wrong, but it looks like its only for Ubunto Phone? And not the main OS.
  3. Brainsys, take a look here. The registry issue isn't really about wine. It happens all the time on regular windows also: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/64641-success-unable-to-reinstall-error-already-installed-by-another-user/ I've had it a couple of times. And I've always been able to solve it with the instructions available in the above referenced posts.
  4. Hi Pete I use Evernote in linux through wine. And that works well for me. I can also recommend using Sublime with its Evernote plugin. You edit your notes in Markup, I use that quite extensively and it works really well. Magnus
  5. I also had a lot of issues with 5.8.1 on Linux. I reverted back to 5.6.4 which works very well. As for the comment that "Evernote always USED TO BE broken under Wine", that is not my experience. I've been using evernote for 2 years on Linux under Wine. And been quite happy with it. I does need some customization to work well (especially for Fonts) but if you do those. It's quite good. I have it running 24/7 with out issues. The only issue with 5.8.1 was the sorting bug, in the notebook section and that I can't see the Title of a note (it's still there and can be edited). And as I understand it, these issues have happened for Windows native users also... so it's not a Wine issue. I'm on Fedora 20, with KDE. As for downloading old version, I always save old version of software I use... just in case But a quick google, and you should be able to find it, for example at CNet.
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