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  1. Which web clipper addon is that? I've been trying to find a good alternative that is software independent. But all I can find on mozillas addon page are tied to some type of note taking software.
  2. I use CherryTree at work. But what I miss from Evernote is the easy web clipper and the note preview (with image) list view. Other than that, it is a quite competent note taker. But the big issue (why I don't us it for my personal stuff) is that it has no online or mobile version (either or would be fine).
  3. I'm using wine 3.13. And I've tried several version after 6.7. Specifically, 6.7.6 (which they said would be fine), 6.11.2 and 6.13.14. What version are you running? Is it even older than 6.4? If so, does that still sync?
  4. Thanks for the link, I'll keep track of that discussion. But I tried 6.7.6, but it wont even start for me. Some missing DLLs that is related to chromium. Maybe Evernote will update the installer.
  5. I've been running Evernote 6.4 in Wine on linux for a couple of years. But now it seems its blocked to login (see the security update post by Evernote). I tried to update to a newer version, 6.11 and 6.13. But I can't get it working in Wine. It wont connect to the servers. Any one here had any luck getting a newer version of Evernote running on Linux with Wine?
  6. I have just managed to upgrade my installation of Evernote in Fedora. What I can get working, without any bugs (that I have found so far) is Evernote in Fedora 24 with KDE. I tried the latest version, and while it works, that has the unsorted Notebook problem. Just install Wine as 32 bit, then install Evernote, then run winetricks and install IE8 (not the updated version, just IE8). That combination works for me and it even solved the unsorted Notebook problem for me.
  7. I've been using NixNote2 the last couple of weeks and thought I would share my experience. The release I've been testing is 2.0 Beta 8. It's available in .deb, .rpm and source code. It's a good client, all the basics are there and working. I have never had any crashes or sync problems with it. One nice feature it has over Evernote is that you can view and edit the Note source directly in the client. There are some drawbacks though. In Beta 8 the picture thumbnails aren't working, but according to the author that should be fixed in Beta 9. Side note, it seems then like the thumbnails are not stored on the server, since NixNote generates those, I'm guessing then that Evernote client does the same. So I guess there is a chance of getting different thumbnails in the two clients. The UI isn't as polished, although that isn't a huge deal for me. Web clippings: this is the biggest issue I have. Viewing and editing notes I've created my self in either NixNote or Evernote is not a problem and works perfectly. But NixNote have issues with some web clippings, especially from webpages that are complex. I have a bunch of notes that are completely unreadable in NixNote, but works fine in Evernote. NixNote wont destroy anything, so I'm not worried about it. But this right now is probably the biggest issue for me, since I have about 1000 web clippings in Evernote. It is possible to clean up the html in webclippings to get them working in NixNote, I did that as a test for a couple notes, but I have way too many to make that a real option for me. So for me, I can't completely switch over to NixNote because of that last issue. But for people without a huge amount of web clippings, or perhaps just simple once, I can definitely recommend NixNote.
  8. While I would love to have a native Linux desktop client, the sad fact is that Linux as an desktop OS only have ~1.5% market share. As to why MS "love" Linux (which I don't think is true) is because of the server side. And to answer your 3rd question, Evernote already have a native Android client... so they don't have to do anything. Btw, while Android is built on Linux, there is very little in common between Android and Desktop versions of Linux. So in this context you cant really compare them.
  9. I just updated to Fedora 23 and with that, I was able to use a much newer version of Evernote than before. My startup issue is also gone. The version of Evernote that works in Fedora 23 is: Fyi, I didn't manage to get 5.9 to work. I got an issue with the document side of Evernote not updating when selecting a new document. I saw some reports that some people also had that issue on Windows, so I will try with 5.9 when they release a new version of it.
  10. I agree, backup is very important. And right now, I have the windows client working through Wine. But I haven't been able to update in over a year. So I'm getting worried. If the client stops working, then I can't continue using Evernote, since I too want to be able to have offline backups regulary. I really wish all these new "cloud" apps would implement backup support. Because without that, I simply wont use it.
  11. I would not recommend using Thinkery, it seems like all development stoped in 2014. There has been no communiction from them in over a year. Having all my personal info in a system that doesn't seem to be maintained isn't something I would recommend.
  12. I run Evernote in Wine on two different Fedora (20 & 21) boxes. Unfortunately the only version I've managed to get working is, any newer than that and it wont start using Wine. I tried NixNote about a year ago, but I though it was too rough. And I agree with Brainsys comment also. I would love continue working with Evernote, but I'm affraid I have to start looking for an alternative since I'm a bit worried how long I can stay on 5.6.4 version. I've used evernote on wine with F21 for a while. I am currently using EN version I think. It runs ok, sometimes I have issues but overall ok. The web is just lacking some features and also has some usability issues. I just say that Evernote was cutting jobs and closing offices and concentrating on business. It will suck if they ***** the consumer. I've been a premium user since the 09 or 10 and would hate to have to close my account. May I ask what you did to get working? I've managed to get one version of 5.8 (dont remember which one any more). But that one had issue with sorting. My notebooks were just random, not in alphabetical like I want it. And I couldn't create notebook stacks, well, actually I could create them, but couldn't put anything in them. And all my collections becomes empty when I upgrade to 5.8. If you don't have those issues, I would really like to know if you did any specific configs for Wine.
  13. I run Evernote in Wine on two different Fedora (20 & 21) boxes. Unfortunately the only version I've managed to get working is, any newer than that and it wont start using Wine. I tried NixNote about a year ago, but I though it was too rough. And I agree with Brainsys comment also. I would love continue working with Evernote, but I'm affraid I have to start looking for an alternative since I'm a bit worried how long I can stay on 5.6.4 version.
  14. Interesting point. I've had a premium account for a long time, but I never thought about using google drive. I checked it out and tried to see if I would miss something from Evernote and two things came to mind. 1 - The web clipper, really love that functionality. 2 - Tags, I guess you could add that to the document it self, but not really the same thing. Other than that, I guess there isn't much difference, Evernote I think is a bit faster to work with, but other than that, I don't know.
  15. To those who think that we shouldn't voice our oppinion or ask for a feature. If no one does that, how will Evernote or any other company producing products know what their customers want? Not saying anything, and staying silent is a sure fire way of not getting the features you want. I also want a Linux version, and I understand why there are software not available on Linux. It is more expensive to do cross platform development. And so far linux as a desktop OS (disregarding phones) it is still under 1%. While its more producive to give constructive feedback than complaining, it's most definately not bad manners. As a software developer myself, I do want as much feedback as possible, so I can make as good software as possible for my users. And it doesn't matter if you pay for it or get it for free. Although, I think you as a user should have some more rights if you do pay for the software, since without that money, we developer would not have jobs. So for those that want a Linux version, please continue making your voice heard. Those that doesn't care about Linux... why are you here wasting you time, I bet there are other features you want in Evernote, why not make that known to Evernote instead.
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