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  1. This is now working for me in web version 10.2.1.
  2. Actually, I just logged in and I got a new version of the web app 10.2.1 and it seems to be fixed. And the maximize note feature is also working now.
  3. Yeah, I know. I haven't been able to use evernote in weeks because of this. Its very frustrating that they can't fix it.
  4. I just got a reply from Evernote support and they say they are aware of this bug and the expanding bug issue. And that they are working on it, no more info received from them.
  5. Neither this issue or the toolbar disappearing issue is solved for me. And I've tried logging out and clearing the cache. I'm still on 10.10 web client.
  6. Web client 10.10. And about 15 seconds I think. Sometimes I have to change focus for it to happen, but not always.
  7. I guess that could be the reason, but they can just as easily accept both username password and just delay the login with the same amount. Also if they accept both and just gives a generic error, then the "bad actor" dont know if it was the username or password that failed.
  8. I agree, this new trend that I'm starting to see (not just evernote doing this) is really annoying. Please make it easier to use password managers, not harder.
  9. This is happening for me on all notes, long or short. It reverts back after a few seconds. It happens in both firefox and chrome. Sometimes it happens without me changing the note, sometimes I have to start editing the note to have it revert back. And I also have another issue where the toolbar disappears and is replaced with "Last edited on" text. See my recent post in this forum about that.
  10. The toolbar is replaced with "Last edited on" text as soon as I changed anything in the note. Which is extremely annoying, since I loose the ability to do any formatting operations until that text times out. I've tried this in both firefox and chrome, the behaviour is the same in both.
  11. Which web clipper addon is that? I've been trying to find a good alternative that is software independent. But all I can find on mozillas addon page are tied to some type of note taking software.
  12. I use CherryTree at work. But what I miss from Evernote is the easy web clipper and the note preview (with image) list view. Other than that, it is a quite competent note taker. But the big issue (why I don't us it for my personal stuff) is that it has no online or mobile version (either or would be fine).
  13. I'm using wine 3.13. And I've tried several version after 6.7. Specifically, 6.7.6 (which they said would be fine), 6.11.2 and 6.13.14. What version are you running? Is it even older than 6.4? If so, does that still sync?
  14. Thanks for the link, I'll keep track of that discussion. But I tried 6.7.6, but it wont even start for me. Some missing DLLs that is related to chromium. Maybe Evernote will update the installer.
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