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  1. The icon disappeared from address bar. How to get it back?
  2. DutchPete: I didn't get a chance to follow up on your previous post while getting a major presentation completed yesterday. I'm sorry that I didn't get to it sooner, but it couldn't be helped. I try to thank people in every reply. That said, thank you for keeping the conversation going until you nailed it in the last post. Evernote is a great help to me, and will be more so, now that the titles can be exported. I have nearly 1,000 notes, so you can imagine hoow valuable your help has been. I'm using both versions of Evernote now and can read the Word exported document easily because the colors change for me there. Much appreciated.
  3. That was it! Thanks so much, DutchPete! Problem is that it comes up with black text/lines on glaring white background which I can't read very well. Can tech support advise how to get the colors changed to yellow on black background? Please?
  4. I see your grey box, but can't get it here. I wonder why tech support said it wouldn't work. It does for you. Thanks.
  5. DutchPete: Thanks for hanging in there with me. I followed every step in your instructions, but: The titles do not change color--possibly due to my color scheme. Ctrl-left click brings up the box in the center of the screen with a choice "Copy note links to the clipboard." When clicking that button, and Ctrl-V in Word, it does just that--pastes the note links into Word. My wife did not see any grey box either. Maybe it's my browser--Firefox? Which one do you use? I'm using the Clearly app in Firefox--do you use that?
  6. Thanks, folks for trying to help me. Here are my results: When left-clicking a title in list view, it brings the note underneath the list. Fine. When I left-click another title, it brings a box allowing to paste links to the clipboard--not titles, which does no good. There is no gray box with a TOC choice. When I try to select multiple titles with Shift-left click, it just brings that second note underneath. Ctrl-A selects everything on the screen except the note content. It highlights the title of the note. Tech support posted that exporting a list of titles is not possible. That seems strange--a simple request, I would think. If anyone out there can do the export of titles only to Word--and it works--please verify that you successfully exported and attach a copy of the Word document. . Several posts to this problem tell me that whatever they sugtgest "should work," but apparently they have not actuallydone it.
  7. I'm not familiar with the multi-select panel, It sounds like it could be the answer. BTW, I'm legally blind and cannot read things on the glaring white background, so I have changed the color scheme to black background with yellow text and lines. This enables me to read text easily. However, often there is a button or link choice that doesn't appear because it may not have changed its color. If you can send me a screenshot of where to find what isn't on my screen, that would probably help. Attached is a screenshot after clicking on the first note's title:
  8. I'm having no luck with these suggestions. There may be something wrong with my PC, or maybe I need to upgrade my subscription? Could you kindly let me speak with you about how to do what you say? I'd be happy to call you if you send me your phone number and a convenient time/day to call. Please send to gary@gathen.net. I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee for this, if required. Thanks, Gary
  9. Thanks for your suggestion, but it didin't work for me. I went to list view, but when clicking a title it brings up that article. So when I click "edit," and then Ctrl-A (select all), it selects only that article. Ctrl-C (copy), then Ctrl-V (paste) into a blank Word document, it pastes only that article. This is the same answer I got the last time I asked for the help. If you tested what you suggest and it worked, I must not understand how to do it. When I click "edit," there is no choice for "select all." If you didn't test it, kindly do so--it would only take five seconds. Maybe something is wrong with my PC. I'm on Windows 8.1, if that could be the problem.
  10. If anyone can help, please try to do it before giving advice such as "This should work." Thanks, Gary
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