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  1. IOS version 10.2 fixes this - at least AFAICT. Totally frustrated with the issue, just read through the 66 comments from the past MONTH for this to get resolved, and was prepared to trash Evernote on iPad and just use Mac version. (For those with historical claims to use back to 2014, I’ve been using Evernote since 2008!) Last note I read said 10.2 was out today, and while watching the App Store page it popped up. After update, the [Edit] button appeared on my first Note. Then after I edited the note to verify, the button did not come back on that or other notes. I was afraid it was still an issue. I went to Evernote Preferences > Notes > Edit Protection and turned this OFF. Now I believe all my notes are editable. You can either TAP the note and it goes into Edit mode, or tap [Edit] and it goes into Edit mode. I have to say this still seems broken with “Note Protection” ON, which has got to be one of the dumbest features I’ve ever seen. I didn’t need it for the last 12 years, why now? Apple keeps improving the Notes app by the way, but I still prefer Evernote if they can keep from ruining it!!
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