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  1. The feature that I miss most in Evernote is presentation mode on the web client. That would enable me to present my ideas to anyone on any device they might have without having to bring or connect my own. Would make me a lot more flexible.
  2. Great! (Actually, v.8.14 didnt quite do it. But now i updated to the brand new 8.15someting, and now it works )
  3. The share icon opens Evernotes share options (see pic). Everote version
  4. Not so here. I get a menu about sharing to air drop. Could it be something wrong with my ipad settings?
  5. Hi, I am a a veteran Evernote user on android/PC but a complete nube on iOS. I just got my first ipad recently. So this should be a pretty basic thing but I just cant figure it out: When I tap an audio note on my ipad a dialogue box opens that offers me to share it on Air Drop (whatever that is). If i double tap or hold my finger on it nothing happens. How can I simply play the recording?
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