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  1. As far as algorithms go.... I scan documents with 2 sides 1 side with art the other side with text. I want the art side to be considered for the thumbnail. My experience remains that the outcome of the existing algorithm for me is near random. Sometimes the art is first sometimes the text. I use a Evernote ScanSnap. I insert the cards in the right way... and yet I get random thumbnail selections. I don't know if the scanner sometimes produces the back and front as somehow different sizes (even though its the same document)... but essentially a front/back situation demands that we be able to choose whether the front or back is used as the thumbnail. No algorithm is going to handle a front/backside scan from Evernote Scansnap very well. So empower us please to select our own thumbnail among all the images contained in a note.. Thanks.
  2. I too need to select which of two images in my note are the thumbnail. I would also like to see the image chosen shrunk to fit the default thumbnail image and not see evidence of cropping. Or let me choose to crop or not to crop as long as you care about giving me thumbnail edit experiences. I have bought the evernote scanner... I'll be scanning over 13,000 art cards from FPG, Comic Images and the like. I've scanned about 6500 so far. Each card has a front and back image. In theory the size of the images should be the same as its just front and back of the same physical card as it rolls through the Evernote (Fujitsu) scanner. The outcome of which image is selected for the thumbnail in my experience with ties is just bizarre. The front of the card typically is the first image (assuming I correctly inserted the card stack in the scanner) and has an artistic image on it. The back image is text describing the image on the front along with a numbering schema. Obviously I would like the first art image to be the thumbnail. Alas, I'm stuck with all the other users who look at this situation in total bewilderment. Frankly all these images are also uploaded to Google drive and presented via Google plus and managed via Google picasa. Ultimately the tools in Picasa and Google Plus photos allow me to do what I need. Yet Evernote was so close yet so far away due to this feature. Presentation mode almost allowed me to do what I wanted but they insisted upon the header showing up when I don't want it to be part of the experience. Instead I rely upon the "Highlights" and "Show all" in Google Photo's to manage my presentations with or without the 2nd back side images. Weirdly I have to use Google Picasa to sort them the way I want them. Google drive itself is fubaring its thumbnail images soon with an update to default drive viewer experience that reduces the footprint(CROP) of the thumbnail somewhat similar to what Evernote does in cropping its "randomly" chosen thumbnail. The write answer is to shrink the users selected image to fit the predefined thumbnail size. Both Evernote and Google appear to be thwarting the ideal use of images for those who store artwork on their cloud depositories. Mainly I use evernote to tag my images for managing my collection rather than view it in Evernote due to these issues. Evernote, if you take presentation so seriously as to provide Premium with presentation mode then please for the love of the cosmos give us thumbnail control.
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