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  1. I like to upload card collections (example: Baseball cards) after scanning them with SSEE. Once uploaded each card is put in a notebook (could also just be a tag) but for presentation mode its nice to give them their own notebook. So each card has a front back image in its note. I go to presentation mode and now I can "scroll" through my images and use the direction arrows to go either to the next card or to the back/front (I can flip back and forth)... However, I'm faced with having to hit spacebar on EVERY card to get rid of the title "page". I really don't want to always see the title page so an option to hide title pages would be nice when we launch a presentation. This way I could more rapidly flip through my card collection (frankly the cards often have their own titles on the cards... I don't need to waste a whole slide for the title). All said BRAVO on giving me a front/back and next card navigation experience.
  2. I want to say I've been an Evernote Premium member for as long as I've been using 1dollarscan (over a year for each). I'm a huge fan of both. A couple points to keep in mind are that the pdf's generated from 1dollarscan can be very large if not fine tuned for a specific output (an option that you can take at any time on their cloud services, you can request multiple fine tunes to fit all of your devices). there are limits to the size of pdf you can upload to either evernote or google drive or google books. Google drive storage and one drive prices are falling dramatically now...1 terabyte free if you subscribe to office, $10/month retail for 1tb at google, or unlimited if you have a $10/month google for business account. when you send a book to 1dollarscan its a one way trip...the book will be recycled. If you decide to scan a book with SSEE you will also be taking essentially a one way trip. Another Fuji scanner can be purchased that lets you scan from a mounted camera looking down on the table surface and software lets you take out the fingers (still very tedious but this scanner got plenty of awards and other scanners were way more expensive before this one came out with the same features). I actually tried to find a scanner like it before I embarked on my 1dollarscan quest. this other Fuji scanner would be good if you don't want to sacrifice your book in the process.. perhaps better for materials you want to eventually resell(of course you'll delete your scanned copy after resale ). all of the instructions for how to scan your own books via evernote are at the end of the day still fairly time consuming if you get a premium membership with 1dollarscan you are looking at 10,000 pages (100 sets of 100 pages) per month for ~$100 plush shipping. Even if you could scan that many pages with ever note per month, you would likely overload your limits of uploading to evernote if you were to upload your book to evernote you would perhaps not like the impact of OCR upon large volumes of written material when it comes to Evernotes helpful if you look at this you might want to look at that or the impact on search engine results...perhaps giving the book its own notebook would help or if they have a setting to remove a particular pdf from the helpful hand reach. google books offers 100mb limits per book and can house 1000 ebooks on the cloud for free...combine with MoonReader+ or something for optimal reading Going over 12 months on 1dollarscan and frankly the total capacity of ebooks space vastly exceeds my premium limit (even if I spend $5/gb for 25gb total per year)...it would take me over a decade to push them all into evernote. That said 1dollarscan lets you connect your Evernote cloud with their cloud. Very nice if you are only needing a few books. while a book may be a collection of paper (documents), I think the benefit of Evernote shines more from scanning things you normally would have put in a file folder, or photos, and I'm embarking on scanning collectible cards after giving Evernote Premium Presentation a trial. Presentation allowed me to flip the front back image with one direction arrow and go to the next card with another arrow. I haven't found a display program anywhere that lets me distinguish between next card and front and back. The only thing I wish I could do is click (don't show doc headers so I don't have to click spacebar to move on to see photo). For baseball collectors (or MTG) the scanning using SSEE uses high end rollers now that previously were only found in expensive $2,000 scanners...used by baseball card shops with over 38 million cards. While they were scanning 15k cards per hour, you can easily scan stacks of say 27 cards at a time(perhaps way more ) and get front back images VERY quickly and be able to create notebooks around a card set and each card is its own note with front and back image included. VERY cool. If Evernote were to expand their capacity limits, I would consider moving my 1dollarscan collection into their cloud but for now I've overwhelmed the pipe. If you have plenty of time and are frugal sure go ahead and scan your own book and if you only have a few it will be under the limits...but the monthly premium price plus shipping to 1Dollarscan is simply very hard to beat. For about $4 per book it would be hard to say you that the hour you spent scanning your own book was worth that little..min wage is 3x higher...but if you don't subscribe to premium then its a slightly different story. I suggest you find 25-30 books and get 1 month...don't send them 1 book at a time. You can cancel the sub once you are done. You can also have Amazon ship books directly to 1dollarscan..and again you can have your fine tunes automatically sent to evernote (these would be the smaller pdf's not the original large pdfs so as not to overload Evernote). Bottom line is that 1dollarscan is an inexpensive one way ticket to scanning your books and it can coordinate with your evernote account.
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