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  1. +++ I also miss the "leave out tags from suggestions when already selected" function. Web clipper is the most important tool for my everyday research. So I really need a quick way to categorize my notes and to select the appropriate notebook. The new version is very slow because we have to scroll down through all the notebooks.
  2. Thanks for your reply. So it seems that I have either to accept that Evernote sync is broken or to switch off two-factor authentication. Sony will not update their built in app and there's no Evernote app for Android 2.3 available. Hm, I'm not sure what to do now.
  3. Two-step authentication seems to break compatibility with my Sony PRS-T2 ebook reader. The device includes a built in Evernote client which worked fine. It's used for synchronizing data and to save links or text snippets. Now I was trying to access Evernote for sending a link from within an ebook. I got a "account not setup" message. When I was trying to setup my account, I always get an "user name or password invalid" error. My login data is correct, I just verified with it the web interface. So what's going on here? Does two-step authentication breaks old apps? From this thread I got the c
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