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  1. Being able to print a note is fundamental to my work flow, please fix this.
  2. I don't use offline notebooks. Plain sync is not working well. Today I could not open an PDF with a password on my iPhone, and almost 90% of what I save as PDF is password protected, so that regression is affecting me big time.
  3. I have 17,000 plus notes, work on iPhone (XS), iPad Pro (2nd gen), Windows10. After updating the iOS versions (daily), I've come to loose all changes made (additional notes, tag changes) on the weekend after I opened the Windows version and it synced. The iOS app takes more than 30 minutes 'syncing' and never finishes. Editing anything (content, tags title) on iOS is now incredibly slow. Changing notebook results (on a 14K+ notes notebook) on a 2 minute wait for notes to appear. My encripted PDFs are no longer opened. I am a paying customer, using evernote since 2012 as a vital productivity tool. The latest iOS version feels like beta software mostly, and alpha software on some functionality. I'd go as far as to request a fallback to the previous version until the development team irons out the problems. In its current form, using Evernote on iOS feels more like a major risk, as information can be lost.
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