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  1. Sadly I think we are all just talking among ourselves
  2. You're right! I give up. Thanks for pointing this out.....
  3. It's working for me. What are you getting when you click on it?
  4. Hey recent +1 guys Would you mind voting on the New Request thread. See my post from April 24. Here's the link to vote: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-evernote-feature-requests/ This idea is currently equal with nesting notebooks (hasn't that been actioned?) Let's claw our way up the leaderboard. P.S
  5. This has been going on for years. But you all know that.... After getting the occasional notification that someone else wants this feature, I decided to log on here today and poke around a bit. I suspected that this request has been duplicated in the windows area, mac, iphone, eniac, you name it. I was wanting to find out the definitive way to get through to Evernote.... I did notice that Evernote has created a new area for broad feature requests. Ones that aren't platform specific. They have, apparently, harvesting these requests and put them into a single genera area. They sort them based on the number of votes. A more recent version of this request (from 2014....) has been posted there and we are sitting in 7th place. Yes 'we'. 'Place' too. Don't think this isn't a game. It's us vs the other ideas. Can I please suggest (or even beg) anyone remotely wanting this feature to vote on THAT thread. Let's boost the position higher. Who knows, we may get some traction (but I not betting on it) Here's the specific thread : Or perhaps, go there manually from the top of this forum Forums -> Evernote Feature Requests The first post introduces the new area, the voting ranking etc Look down for 'Text Collapse' currently at 64 votes. Let's jack up that number.... Hit the vote button. Don't just write '+1' in the comments. Hit the button now.
  6. I would also like this feature. In fact, I just googled it and arrived here at this thread. It is nearly the anniversary of this thread, but I'm hopeful...
  7. I think this is now fixed. I'm on Windows (at my workplace) / Firefox. When I now hover over an attachment another box appears containing a link. If I maintain the hover, move down to the link and click, it then opens up the viewer (in my case Adode Reader since they are almost always .PDF attachments for me). I will double check at home with Mac/OSX and both Firefox/Safari. Looking promising at this stage though.
  8. Hi, I've seen this referred to in the past but thought it needed percolating back to the top. I've flipped into (and then quickly out of) the beta in the past when attachments could not be opened. Today a refresh of the web interface was presented. Was hoping the attachment issue was fixed. Alas, no. When you double click on the box containing the name of the attachment within a note, it just brings up a formatting box. Noticed this issue was not listed within the weekly update notes on what is known to developers and is actively being fixed. Cheers Paul
  9. Thanks. Try this one: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MattHernandez/posts/34nixdM7jr9?pid=6033482326307015906&oid=100812327268915788301 Cheers Paul
  10. I'm a photographer. When I see a shot taken I like the look of, I grab a copy with Webclipper to form an electronic scrapbook inside Evernote. I though this was working well and appearing correctly in the past. Anyway, at the moment something weird is happening with the resizing within Evernote when it displays the note. Take a look at the attachment called 'full page'. This was grabbed using the Full Page option of Safari, although Firefox is behaving the same. All you see of the main picture is a slither. As you can see from the scroll bar on the extreme righthand side, more content is available. However if you scroll you only scroll through the text on the side. The picture remains as seen. Now take a look at the attachment called 'screenshot'. This was taken with the, screenshot, within Safari. This give you an idea of what the page should have looked like. Here it is obviously one big JPG. The hyperlinks have been absorbed. I don't really want to resort to doing this. I may as well abandon Webclipper and use Apple's native screen capture. Here's the weird thing. And the point which makes me think that Webclipper actually HAS captured all the content, it IS all there within Evernote, it's just having a hard time displaying it. After viewing the note containing the screenshot when the white borders around the captured page have been stretched to accomodate the whole picture on the screen, if you then go back to the post which you know will only show a slither - it briefly shows the complete picture then snaps down to the smaller size. If you jump to another note taken from Google Plus+ using full page, same thing, slither, slither, slither. Then 'stretch' it by selecting one of the screen shots, go back to a slither. Full size pic display, SNAP down back to the slither instantly. I think something is going wrong with the method to determine the minimum amount of space needed to display the note. I'm assuming it needs to be fairly agressive since Evernote is wanting to display the logo and then Related Notes underneath. In the case of pages Webclipped from Google Plus, it just isn't working. If there is some kind of display option I've overlooked, please let me know. I've poked around and couldn't find anything. As I mentioned earlier, I think this behaviour is recent. Thanks Paul
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