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  1. At my company I get 100's or order acknowledgements via email everyday, I currently auto-forward them into Evernote. I don't care about the text in the email, only the attachment (which is a pdf). Does anyone know how to just send an attachment to Evernote and not all the other parts of the email?
  2. Another vote for single page pdf's. I'd like to be able to choose what format the document is saved in
  3. In got this response today after about a week of sporadic back and forth trying to get support: *** BEGIN Thank you for your reply! First, my apologies about any delay in response. I appreciate you taking the time to work with me as we work through this issue affecting the indexing and search of PDF's. We have identified this issue as a Bug and I have reported it to our product team for resolution. While we are working to address the issue, I do not have specifics as to when the issue will be fixed. At this time, I’m going to close your ticket. However, if you would like, I can notify you when your issue has been fixed and scheduled for release. In this case, I have gone ahead and refunded your purchase of Evernote Premium for 1-Year. We do not want to charge our users for functionality that is not working to their expectation. Additionally, I have gone ahead and added 20 Evernote Points to your Account to try and help compensate for the lost functionality. (10 Points is equivalent to 1-Month of Premium) You can spend those points here: https://www.evernote.com/Points.action I appreciate your consideration, and thank you for using Evernote! *** END I am frustrated they have no timetable on fixing my issue but at least the are trying to compensate me for lost functionality although I'd just rather have Evernote working...
  4. Its extremely frustrating to say the least. I am having issues with search. Its a simple problem: Evernote cannot find documents when I search for certain terms. If I have 10 documents with "77810" in the body it will find 8 or 9 but not all 10, etc. I tried chat and they reverted me to email and I get one email a day from them if I'm lucky suggesting me to do things I've already done (when I first was "chatting"). At this rate I'm never gonna get my issue resolved. I wonder how many others have this issue and don't know about it...
  5. On another note, I just got a new computer at work and will be doing a fresh Evernote install and syncing up within the next week so I am curious if some of my issues are fixed...
  6. I see this same issue and have submitted a ticket, the initial guy I communicated with went through the normal stuff which was no help and the case has been escalated, I will keep you posted
  7. When I upload a pdf it get's OCR'd (I have Evernote Premium). If at a later date I open that pdf and add text via BlueBeam or some other pdf editor will Evernote re-OCR it so then I can find it if I search for the text I added at a later date?
  8. I use Evernote extensively at work (Windows Client) to clip web pages or pdf's on webpages to I have easy access to them and can search through them. They are updated quite frequently and I'd like to know if there is a way when those pages can be clipped automatically when they are updated. I thought maybe IFTTT would work but I can't seem to find a recipe or create on that will work. Does anyone know if Evernote can do this or if there is any 3rd party tool that could do this? To further complicate things I'd like to delete the previously clipped webpage or pdf that was just replaced with the new one... Thanks!
  9. I use the Fujitsu ScanSnap and did see that they were sending them to My Pictures so that is what is happening. I guess I can delete them from My Pictures because once they are in Evernote there is not need to access them in My Pictures anymore...
  10. Almost everyone of my notes has a pdf attachment and I noticed the other day that they all seem to be located in "My Pictures" folder on my computer. The location of the local files in the Options Menu in the Windows Evernote Program is C:\Users\my username\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote and I can see those pdf attachments there. Any idea why they are being duplicated into My Pictures?
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