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  1. Thanks to all for the very good information and timely responses. I didn't know about encrypting text in-line. That's a nice feature. I appreciate the help!
  2. Thank you. So, I think to keep the files encrypted on my local drive, I'd have to turn on FileValue on my computer, or use an encrypted disk image (more cumbersome!) I'm intrigued by your comment "Evernote has a built-in encryption feature." Could you point me to where I could learn more about that. Is it a premium feature, or a selectable option?
  3. Thank you. The last link doesn't take me to a relevant page, although I'm interested to read up on that topic!
  4. How secure are the notes stored in Evernote? Is there a way to make sure the files stored in the Evernote directory structure on the local hard drive are encrypted? If I store company documents, including peoples SSNs, and personally identifiable information, how secure are they? When a notebook is shared with another Evernote user, does the data pass back and forth as SSH? Thanks
  5. My brother and I run a business. We live in separate cities. I'm on Mac, he's on Windows. Q1: What plan(s) can we select if we want to share a repository for scanned documents, and have text recognition within PDFs? Q2: Do we both have to buy the Plus or Premium? Q3: I've been an Evernote free-version user for year. What happens to my existing notebooks that I do not want to share? Can I specify settings that would allow me to share one or more notebooks to a single user? Thanks!
  6. Understood. I just downloaded and overwrote my app-store version. Seems to be OK now. Version 6.9.2 (454158 Direct) Thanks for the help. Evernote, you have a bug in the update interface.
  7. The App Store's UPDATES panel does not show that Evernote needs to be updated. I've had Evernote for a long time. Q1: Is there a way to tell if I used the App Store to get it, or if I downloaded it from a different website? Note that my "About Evernote" dialog says "Version 6.9 (454042 App Store)" Q2: Does Evernote update itself in the background? I am no longer receiving the critical-update-available message, but the version does not say 6.9.2. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. > Along the bottom.... The bottom of what? I haven't seen a "download update" link. That would be great.
  9. Evernote 6.9 on Mac OS X 10.11.6. Evernote tells me there's a critical update. I click, and it takes me to the App Store's Evernote page. At that point, there is no option to update. Only "Open." How do I actually update the program?
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