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  1. So we all can use Google keep as well. If you don't crave for notebooks too much. It's web app works separate from browser on PC also. a note making app is meant for syncing. And for making people work easier. Not to make them worried about one more thing.
  2. Lol, no one going to pay for a note making app. Non paying users are responsible for all revenues generated by apps.
  3. Yes, it begin syncing again all by itself. Actually it begin sync just when I post this topic and I thought that this topic is not posted because of servers but it did and when I wake up I saw emails only then I knew that topic was posted and people were replying also. now I updated also. Thank you. actually Syncing is so important for me that I instantly post this topic without even waiting for sometime. now it is syncing so all is good,
  4. Thanks, now I am syncing perfectly. thank you Evernote team for making life easier for me.
  5. I guess evernote servers are down or something. not sync in winodows, also wanted to download new version of evernote and had to resume download 5 times because it stopped again and again and even for opening this webpage I had to wait. rest of the websites opening just like before. and android version also syncs.
  6. why look of Idevice is different then android. I like the look of iphone app but I hate iphone. android app should also look like that. evernote should keep in mind android users because it runs on 90% devices. I am expecting some change in UI of Evernote on next update.
  7. Sorry, but as someone who gets paid for writing code, I'd have to say maybe in your world of phone apps, that may be the case. But in the great big, wide, wonderful world, there are still a lot of people who get paid (and quite well, I might add) for writing code. And there are companies that pay good money (and often BIG money) for code. EN already provides a lot of free stuff as I indicated. Asking for more free stuff is just...well...low class. I'm not sure why you say "don't take for granted the free majority user-base that evernote get because it was the first in the business.". Who cares? (And kind of to my point.) If EN loses free customers, what's the down side? Providing less disk/storage space for the free users? Providing support for the free users? Bandwidth? I have paid for premium for several years now. I want EN to succeed. I am happy to pay a nominal fee for a service that I use each & every day. Most of us started out as free users. But your flagrant claim that the free users rule the world & EN should provide a whole lot more features to free users is just silly & not very becoming. I am sure sir that you have no idea about new models of software building at all. and you not run any software business in your life. or you would know that most of the free software companies literally begging on their knees to use their software. opensource has almost take over the world and currently running 90 percent of portable devices. desktops have free software for everything already. Evernote itself is free and yes asking for more free features is fair because they need to be scared from competition who is ready to do anything to get this free user-base. firefox never say like you "it is free, what do you expect". go to their website they are asking for suggestions all the time (and they also have server things to provide best service like every other freeware company). Have you ever developed anything in your life? you would have known value of free users. I am not saying you to make it open source and give away the code. even that going to be a good deal soon. thank you.
  8. Evernote already provides a lot of "useful free features". https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/12981-offline-synch-should-not-be-a-premium-feature/?p=62104 If one likes an app/service, one should want that app/service to be profitable so they can continue to exist & one should be willing to pay the devs for their hard work, so they can continue to work on the app/service. I doubt many of us here work for free... no Sir, this is very ancient thinking what you are talking about. we are coming in age of open source. all the browsers, libreoffice and almost all of the applications are free and yet they are begging people to use their apps. because even though they are free for users yet they earning money by other ways. change your thinking or your condition would be same like microsoft in portable devices (windows is free for that now but they learned too slow). there is too much competition in market. one wrong turn and Google Keep provide a few more features then people are very unfaithful now a days. keep is going to be among google apps from next version of android. I love evernote. but don't take for granted the free majority user-base that evernote get because it was the first in the business.
  9. ok, Sir. thank you for creating this wonderful app. I am happy with basic free version. I am using it everyday so all depends on it that is why I was wondering that I have access to all my content all the time. though I am sure offline notes are always there. hope to see more exciting features in future. thanks
  10. what evernote planning to compete google keep. they need to include more useful free features.
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