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  1. I would like an option to turn off the Evernote camera's shutter sound. There's a few workarounds right now, here's why I prefer an actual feature: Silence the phone: This is my current workaround and it's relatively easy to do. The problem is there is never a situation when I need or want to hear the shutter sound on my camera when using Evernote. Switching back and forth throughout the day is a nuisance, and Evernote goes to great pains to make its user experience fantastic. There's no need for something this small to get in the way of that. Force Evernote to use the phone's stock camera ap
  2. I would also like to see this feature implemented. I use Evernote in tandem with Zendone and it's synchronization feature, and having the title auto-filled would make this integration much more streamlined. As it is now, when going through Zendone's inbox, I need to manually select the text from the synced note and paste it into the yellow task title field. Also, I use Google voice's note to self integration with Evernote. If I make a "Note to self', the text will always go straight into the body and there's no way to decide what the title should be. The current solution of "change the tit
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