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  1. How the hell does Evernote NOT have this feature?!? The developers have clearly made a conscious decision not to include this simple, obvious feature. The question is, why?
  2. Hi all! A very important note of mine disappeared today (I use the Mac OS X app). It's not like the contents was cleared, the whole thing has vanished. I logged on to evernote.com and checked the Trash - not there. I put my iPhone and iPad in airplane mode (to avoid syncing issues) and fired up Evernote. The note is there! But my Premium account has expired, so I can't access the note while the device is offline. I'm afraid if I go online, Evernote will sync and delete the note. I'd signup for Premium again, but I'd need to go online and could run into those syncing issues. So my questions are: 1. Help! :-) 2. How can a note be deleted and skip the Trash? Thanks in advance!
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