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  1. ngelee

    WeChat integration

    this function worked well for years, but recently always get "unexpected error, pls try again later". maybe tencent has blocked the interface with evernote international , as the chinese exclusive version called Yinxiang Biji is completely stripped out from Evernote.
  2. and the mobile version (android) is just fine,too.
  3. This issue may caused by the latest update of the desktop Evernote application. I've tried access the same note by different versions, on ver. the pics displayed well, but on the latest verion(, the issue appears. PLS FIX.
  4. there's no difference betweenWeb Clipper and Copy/Pastee. This issue only appears when the content provider prevent external links to its server to show its pictures, in that condition, either Web Clipper or Copy/Paste the content can't get the pics but only text. examples: Web clipper: copy pase:
  5. Thanks for reply. Yes, normal pages just fine, but pages which has prevention for external link to pics can't be clipped well , only text stored.
  6. Until Tencent block external link to pics from its wechat official account , i realized that when you create a note by copy/paste content from a webpage, Evernote do not store/upload pics within it, only save the link of the pics. So every time you open the saved notes: 1.Without data link, you get nothing but only text; 2.If the source web block external link to its pics, you get nothing but only text. I just want to know, how to save images locally when copy/paste a web page? AS A NOTE APP, isn't EVERNOTE should do this from the beginning!? I'm a premium user, and now i have hundreds of notes contain pics only show "external link disabled“ , leave me tons of restore work and SXXT.