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  1. I don't know, what is the reason, I cannot access this page. If I log in, I will be forced to log out immediately. I tried it on both Safari and Chrome and can't access it. The only explanation I have is in China. It wants me to use Evernote (Chinese version).
  2. Hello! Evernote accounts cannot save WeChat public account content. Detailed description: The content of the WeChat public account saved using My Evernote is blank, that is, there is a title and no content. If I click on "Simplified Format" on the Android client, the content will be displayed at this time, but the original layout format is all gone. Some time ago, Evernote (China) also had this problem, but within a few days they fixed it. Evernote (International) has not fixed this bug. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 您好!Evernote 账户都无法保存微信公众号内容。 具体描述:使用 My Evernote 保存下来的微信公众号内容是空白的,也就是有标题,没有内容。如果我在 Android 客户端,点击“简化格式”,这个时候才会显示内容,但是原本的排版格式全部消失了。 前段时间,印象笔记(中国区)也有这个问题,但是没过几天他们修复好了。印象笔记(国际版)迟迟没有修复这个问题。
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