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  1. Your experience sounds waaaaaay different than mine. I have had great luck with Evernote on Windows and IOS (and I think I used it on Android as well). My only real complaint is that the procedure for making some (but NOT all) notes available offline is a bit clunky (I would love to have that be a checkmark on all notes, rather than having to copy them to an offline notebook). But these machines (and the humans that operate them) are still so different that YMMV (your mileage may vary) often applies.
  2. I am all for making it easier for a developer to add features to many platforms at once. At the same time, I find a profound difference, not between OS's per se, but between (a1) devices with big screens, big keyboards & mice, and NO touchscreen -- MAC and Windows; (a2) devices with big screens, maybe big keyboards, maybe mice (iPad and other tablets); and (b) devices with small screens, tiny keyboards or keyboards on a touch screen (smartphones, whether Android or IOS). I would like my apps to display and receive input appropriately for those differences. I note Evernote on Windows a
  3. I am more or less retired, and do not use the sharing feature at all (especially since neither my wife nor my daughter use Evernote). But I have multiple devices and travel between two homes, so having unlimited capacity and multiple device access is very valuable. I really hope EN keeps the unlimited feature and the multiple device feature; I understand others may find sharing extremely valuable, but I do not use it.
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