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  1. Agreed! it's very annoying to have to click on the title field every time.
  2. Hello EN community! Is there a way we can change the default reminder time? On the desktop app, it defaults to something random. Is there a way I can set the default to, say, 9AM every time I create a reminder? Thanks for your time!
  3. Done what? Are you saying that you can now search through evernote with the google search bar??
  4. That's exactly how I've started to use it!
  5. Sorry, i didn't mean to sound rude! Thanks, I'll ask in the appropriate forum.
  6. Thanks! I'm on Android, but I don't this relates to Android specifically. It's mobile in general.
  7. Yes, thank you! But desktop isn't really an issue for me. Mobile is where I'd like this.
  8. That's true - I guess I could just save the search and add it my shortcuts. But that would kind of clutter the shortcuts, right? If there was a way I could easily add my saved searches into a note, sort of like an "Index" of "Table of Contents" note, that would be perfect!
  9. Hey EN Community, So on the desktop version of Evernote (I'm on Windows), I can select multiple tags to filter notes accordingly. It's pretty cumbersome to do this regularly on mobile (android, for me). Is there a way I can create saved searches of these filtered tags, and add them to a note for easy access on my homescreen? I'd love any ideas. Thanks!
  10. Actually, yes, Google is reportedly planning on killing QuickOffice. So you're right in saying that you'd now use Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides (which are great apps, btw). I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but can't you choose what app to open your file with, on Android? eg. if you click on a spreadsheet in evernote, and you have QuickOffice and Google Sheets installed, it should ask you which you want to open it with, correct?
  11. Sounds good! But doesn't that mean you're inputting stuff into your Calendar first? By the way, Zapier is kind of like ifttt, but it's WAY more flexible. You can EN reminders --> Google Calendar! The problem is, the free version only allows for 5 zaps per day, which may not be enough for you. Right now, what I'm doing for priorities is this - tagging notes with !!!, !!, and !. Then I either filter by that tag, or I just sort notes by tag so that all the notes with !!! go at the top.
  12. Thanks! I'll try this out and see how it works. Okay, so tagging for priority. This sounds like it'd work. I'll give it a shot as well. Thanks! How do you guys manage due dates? Do you just set a reminder? Or let it be in whatever bucket it wants until it hits "1-Today"?
  13. Thanks for the reply! So basically, all the tasks will be in a note? Doesn't that seem a little hack-y? And again, it sounds like a lot of time spent on moving things around. Or is this just normal?
  14. Hey EN Community! I'm a new user (just about a month), and I'm really loving Evernote for collecting and searching. I usually like to use program for everything, so I read about The Secret Weapon, GTD, and how to use evernote to manage tasks. The quick note collection is amazing. It's super quick to dump all my thoughts, and process later. However, the processing/task management part is getting to be exceedingly difficult for me. I started with the TSW methodology of tagging for .What .When .Where & .Who. This is my tagging structure: .When!Daily0-Ongoing1-Today2-Tomorrow3-This Week4-This Month5-Someday/Maybe.What:Project 1:Errands:Grocery:General:Meet:Online:College.Where@Place1@City@Home So there's a few problems I have with this How do I prioritize actions? Right now there's just a dump of tasks sitting there when I click 1-Today. Not sure how to use due dates here... (I don't want a reminder, just to be able to add due dates) And the biggest problem - using this on mobile. Android or iOS, it doesn't matter. It's difficult to switch between tags (you can't even sort by tags on the app), and just doesn't feel very efficient. Bottom line - the quick note taking part is AMAZING. But I seem to be spending a lot more time in administration that actually performing the tasks! (exaggeration, but you get my point) I'd really appreciate your input, and sorry for the long post!
  15. Thanks so much. I have two more questions - 1. How do you manage due dates? 2. How do you get priorities in tasks? If you have tons of notes in "Today", how would you decide what to do next, or what's most important? I LOVE the brain dump part of evernote. I just dump my thought, and process later. The actual task management is an issue for me.
  16. Yep, I am definitely experimenting. I'm just asking for additional guidance. How many is "a bunch" of saved searches? If you have 5 "When" tags, 8 "What" tags, 4 "Where" tags, and 4 "Who" tags, creating saved searches for each of these will create way too many. Not to mention the many combinations of "When", "Where", and "What" together.
  17. Another question - when a task is completed, do you remove the tags from it? Because if you don't and you only put it in a "Completed" notebook, then the notes still come up when you find notes that are tagged "1-Today", for example. Edit: Another thing I'd like to add - I don't use evernote just for tasks and lists (the way it's used in the videos of TSW). I use it for everything.
  18. Yes please! That would be amazing.
  19. The thing is, I'm still very confused about how to use TSW on mobile. I really have no idea! It's hard to filter by tag on mobile.
  20. Anyone? TSW just isn't that practical if it can't be used well with a mobile app, in my opinion.
  21. Yes, but wouldn't adding a whole bunch of .Where .Who and stuff make the shortcut bar cluttered? Especially in the new Beta Android app.
  22. Hello EN Community! I'm reading about The Secret Weapon to GTD. It sounds great to filter by tag on the desktop version of EN (Windows), but this doesn't work so well on mobile apps, specifically the Android app. It takes way too many taps to filter with "when" and "where" tags. I've seen some workarounds to this (creating a notebook for "where" instead of a tag) but do you guys have any other suggestions/ways to mold TSW to work better with the Android App? Thanks!
  23. I think typing it out into Google Now would solve that problem. Voice? Not sure.
  24. Nope, everything is perfect after the confirmation dialog appears. I was just wondering if I could close the page while the "syncing" was going on (I thought it was going on in the background, even if I close the webpage.) But it's alright, I guess. Just a very minor annoyance. Thanks!
  25. Hello EN community! I'm (relatively) new to Evernote, and I've been using the web clipper a lot. Sometimes, clipping and syncing a webpage takes a bit of time. When can I expect to have the webpage clipped and synced successfully? Does the webclipper do it in the background even after I've closed the clipped tab? I've done some experiments with this, but the results I've gotten are really inconsistent. Sometimes the page is saved when I exit during "clipping and syncing", other times it isn't. I'd appreciate your insights. Thanks!
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