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  1. Ok, I'll just wait for a fix then. We can live with this for now Another issue: We cannot have matching author names of every article in Evernote and on the website. So now we are manually changing author and category in WP after import. Unfortunately it seems Sentinote lets Evernote "sync back" the original author and category a little bit now and then, messing up our website. The best solution of course would be if we could just use tags for which authors and categories WP should use, so that everything could be handled directly in EN.
  2. Big thanks! That helped us to solve it We have run into another issue now though. Longer dashes (–) don't get through. When Sentinote encounters one it will stop importing the text at that point. Is this a known issue? Has it got a known solution?
  3. ...however the same user who cannot add the tag from the Evernote program can still do it in the web interface (logged in to the same account).
  4. I have the same problem. We are three users who share the same notebook, but sometimes some of us can't use add tags to notes even if the tags are already used in the notebook.
  5. Is there any way to connect Sentinote to more than one Evernote notebook?
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