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  1. Simple question, couldn't find the answer. How do I remove a notebook from a stack in the new all white web client
  2. I know the algorithm is more complicated than than, but the results still suck - and I see no reason for it to choose the smallest image in the page, an image coming from another server at that. In the end I really only care about the result, especially in a product I'm paying for and the result is broken.
  3. In case anybody cares I think it's getting worse: I'm testing the latest beta of the firefox web clipper and it prefers gravatars for the thumbnail instead of the "biggest image in the page", so now my article clips have nice blank avatars or strange faces instead of article relevant images. I begin to suspect this user tormenting is part of some satanic ritual that all evernote developers are part of. Though I intend to vote with my wallet, if this option will not be added I will not be renewing my subscription.
  4. +1 For letting allowing us to change the thumbnail. Second issue, has the algorithm changed ? I was scrapping some webpages and I always get a thumbnail of the "unknown" face of the avatars instead of pictures from the article. I'm using the beta clipper for Firefox. Here is an example site where this happends: http://www.mash4077tv.com/2014/12/08/episode-spotlight-mail-call-again/ I even tried removing all avatar images from the note but the thumbnail remains.
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