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  1. Thanks again DTLow. I will give that a try and see how it works best. Charlie
  2. Thanks DTlow for your fast reply. En works very well OCRing names on inscriptions on headstone photos I have in it. I read somewhere that there was a limit to the amount of pages you get so figured putting multiples onto one page would allow more capacity. I could have 3000+ photos so don't want to clog the system. Do you mean using the Android EN Camera feature? Using a DSLR and Lightroom, I could snap the photos much faster than the EN camera and batch adjust the resolution down as I export and email them to EN. Does resolution matter and is it trial and error till you get the best balance between OCR working and file size. Charlie
  3. Hi I am in the monumental stone business. I want to upload headstone photos into Evernote and be able to search them by name. Say, I want to document a whole cemetery and be able to find a headstone by the inscription. It is working with photos I have loaded with the EN camera I was wondering the best most efficient way to do this. I was going to use my DSLR and Adobe lightroom/Photoshop. I could load them onto sheets with multiples on there and reduce the res to suit EN and its OCR feature. Can anyone help with this. I did search the forums without much joy.
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