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  1. Due to my below post not getting any traction (I naively posted the below in a new topic), I made the decision to re-post my comment in this forum. Hopefully this draws some attention due to the number of replies on this thread: This is my second post respecting the same issue: Bullets and list functionality. Actually, for the sake of accuracy, I should rephrase the previous statement to "sheer lack of functionality of bullets and lists". I was an avid user of Evernote. I absolutely loved it. The syncing feature and ease-of-use are second to none. Sadly, I no longer use Evernot
  2. I just started using EN a few weeks ago and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Am about to start law school in beautiful Vancouver and needed a cloud-based note taking tool that actually works. I only work on Apple products and am currently using the desktop application for my MacBook Pro. Now, I must qualify my above statement respecting love... I have one single issue that is starting to absolutely frustrate me: the rather pathetic functionality of EN's bulleting and outlining features. It is absolutely horrific. Bullets will not populate after pressing enter while typing within an already-created b
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