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  1. Due to my below post not getting any traction (I naively posted the below in a new topic), I made the decision to re-post my comment in this forum. Hopefully this draws some attention due to the number of replies on this thread: This is my second post respecting the same issue: Bullets and list functionality. Actually, for the sake of accuracy, I should rephrase the previous statement to "sheer lack of functionality of bullets and lists". I was an avid user of Evernote. I absolutely loved it. The syncing feature and ease-of-use are second to none. Sadly, I no longer use Evernote for my daily note-taking due to a single and ongoing systemic flaw in the software: Lists! I must reiterate the absurdity of a software provider, such as Evernote, priding itself on being an unparalleled tool for organization and taking notes, having ZERO functionality in the outlining category. I need not bore any potential readers and forum members with the specifics; they are easily found and discussed ad nauseam on other topics and websites. However, I will quickly summarize the problem: When taking notes on my Macbook Pro using the desktop software (version 5.6 Beta 9), I am utterly disappointed when attempting the expectedly simple function of copying and pasting an outline (whether bulleted and/or numbered) from Evernote into Microsoft Word, and vice versa. I was intending to utilize Evernote as a note taking tool during law school. As a side note to any possible Evernote employees reading this post, I am not the only disappointed student forced to utilize other, and admittedly inferior software, to accomplish a task that your entire business model was built and conceived on. I am asking, once again (I decided to throw in the towel after this post) for the following functionality: The capability of taking notes utilizing your built-in bullet and/or numbering tools in the Evernote desktop software. Then, the capability of copying and pasting these numbered/bulleted lists into Microsoft Word and vice versa, without the formatting being completely and utterly annihilated. Lists lose their tabbed spaces. Bullets seem to disappear at a whim. When importing from Word into Evernote, lists do not reproduce even close to being useful. In short, Evernote is useless to anyone interested in outlining functionality (I ponder the percentage of current customers listing the outlining functionality as one of their favourite motivators for using your product). Finally, this entire mess could be easily and elegantly remedied by adding another extremely important tool: an automatic Table of Contents. I am attempting to copy and paste my Evernote lists into MS Word for the sole purpose of creating an automatically updateable Table of Contents. To wrap things up, please fix and/or add the requested tools for your loyal customers! I beg you! I will pay for the premium version if you accomplish this Herculean task of software engineering! I will send you e-cards publicly thanking you for your achievements akin to man's first step on the moon! Please... Please... Do something about this. It has only been 2.5 years since customers have made you aware of this issue. If I were currently in an MBA program, I would use this very experience to write a comprehensive case study, which would ultimately and convincingly conclude with an analysis about the ignorance of customer desires and the promulgation of the rather hilariously hypothetical new marketing slogan for Evernote: "A note-taking tool without the basic tools for note-taking". (Excuse the lack of enthusiasm in the above paragraphs... You may be able to gauge my frustration from my cynical style of writing. I assure you, I am grinding my f****** teeth).
  2. I just started using EN a few weeks ago and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Am about to start law school in beautiful Vancouver and needed a cloud-based note taking tool that actually works. I only work on Apple products and am currently using the desktop application for my MacBook Pro. Now, I must qualify my above statement respecting love... I have one single issue that is starting to absolutely frustrate me: the rather pathetic functionality of EN's bulleting and outlining features. It is absolutely horrific. Bullets will not populate after pressing enter while typing within an already-created bulleted list. Bullets will not indent properly. No logical subcategories when using the numbered bullets. Simply put, a nightmare. Especially when taking the most salient purpose of EN into account... A note-taking tool priding itself in ease-of-use, yet, users are unable to format a simple bulleted outline. Rather odd, in my humble opinion. ... This actually made me frustrated enough to seek out this forum and create a username. Normally, I don't ever post on forums such as this. I beg you, please fix this! In closing, I do feel rather pathetic myself for voicing my opinion in such a harsh tone about a service that I am currently using free of charge. Once this is fixed, I will definitely upgrade to premium service. Thanks guys and am looking forward to the fix.
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