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  1. Same issue here, this has rendered the web clipper useless
  2. No one else beside Smonk and I that is motivated to hit their social media? Seems like the only effective option.. On an other note, I had to give up Evernote because of this issue and I ended up in Zoho Notebooks. Still a few querks but very promising and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative. I OneNote is powerful but I couldn't get used to the layout..
  3. Haha I doubt we have the numbers to do much interference :), the point is just to show customer service that we exist and are not going away now although they chose to ignore us for two years
  4. Seems like there are plenty people experiencing this issue and being ignored, anybody interested in getting organized and coordinating a Twitter "attack" where we all report this issue at the same time? Maybe if we overwhelm customer support for a few hours or days they'll pay attention and start acting like customer support.
  5. "because it is so limited in scope, it's difficult to track down and fix" That makes sense but why in the first place is it only an issue so I Evernote and no other app? Sounds like Evernote messed up rather than it being a keyboard compatibility issue..
  6. Hi and thanks for your answer. Both the Flesksy and Minuum keyboard are laggy / buggy. Switching to Gboard or Samsung keyboard does fix the problem but that's not really the solution in looking for since I don't use those keyboards otherwise.
  7. Not fixed for me at all. This has been going on for years now, I think i might just switch away to OneNote, it's just ridiculous. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy s7 active, Android 7.0
  8. Curious if anybody else has seen a difference in Evernote's behavior since the big Windows 10 update. I certainly have. Evernote doesn't crash or anything but I've noticed a lot of little bugs and discrepancies. An obvious one is that when I click on the "expand" button of my shortcuts in the tool bar, nothing shows up and I have a big line running accross the screen
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