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  1. Maybe instead of cutting features to current users, demanding a paid membership; they should just add better features to entice people to want to buy it? Then people would buy a paid subscription and not look to phase the product out. Even if someone from Evernote would acknowledge one of the largest threads on their forums???? However, they are crazy if they think cutting features by limiting devices is not going to do anything but shun negotiation savvy (who don't give money away) consumers away from their company. I do thank Evernote for letting me use two machines to get all docs off while I deploy something cross-platform. However demanding my credit card by decreasing features was the nail in the coffin of Evernote for me. Newer enhanced features and probably would have been interested. But not demanding payment by restricting. This company seems a little backwards to me.
  2. Far as "not enough Linux users". Linux users are usually people who are tech savvy and NEED to keep notes. I'm an I.T. professional and NEED notes. But being an I.T. professional I understand the benefits of using Linux as my primary workstation. Sure there are 100 million Windows users for every single Linux user. But how many out of that one million have needs for a paid subscription to Evernote? Linux users: professional I.T. people who are more computer scientists. As well students taking Computer Science. So... the majority of Linux users could use a paid subscription to Evernote. I'd love to incorporate Evernote into my I.T. process and share documented procedures with Sals and Customer Service people. But at work I use Linux as my primary desktop, running a VM for Windows administration. So my money is better spent on other solutions. I've slowly been phasing Evernote out of my needs, and working with other solutions. Mainly native Linux apps that can export to OneNote. :-) BTW - this is one of the biggest threads in these forums: 15 pages and counting. Also, all evernote would need to do is: - make subdomain linuxproject.evernote.com - sign up developers to work for FREE (that's what people who love linux do, make cool stuff) - start a project on GitHub - fork current stable to download at linuxproject.evernote.com in .debs, .rpm, and current source - watch I.T. professionals, C.S. professors and C.S. students give them credit cards to bill monthly. This is not difficult to do and make money. Maybe there is more here, like open source people scrutinizing security????
  3. Having the time to make over 5000 posts on Evernote forums only proves you have too much time on your hands. Aside from putting words in my mouth (or posts), the only problem I have is justifications for your opinion. In case you didn't realize, it stinks. Please go to your Winblows, and let us upper-echolon users/developers discuss our operating system of choice. There is no way to block you, and you're stinking (I mean littering) this topic with opinion. You use Windows! Why are you opinionating amongst us, who are trying to discuss Evernote in Linux? We have heard your opinion. Now kindly go help some Grandma log into their Evernote. Thank you, and happy Windowing and opinionating. LMAO FYI: Linux users don't like reading irrelavent posts and opinion. Most of us are developers, sys admins, consultants, etc.... You are wasting our time with dumb replies based on opinion. Go increase your post-count helping someone.
  4. Business decision or poor planning. I love how random interwebz people come in here and talk like an Evernote ceo. Computer + opinion, means knowledgeable these days. Give someone mod status because they have nothing better to do with their time and they they're a god. Fluffy computing is going to people's ego. Lmao
  5. See upthread as to why this is difficult. Good luck if you can get it working. You may need more luck to keep it working. It is not a stable deployable solution hence not really a revenue opportunity for Evernote. Same for NixNote 2. The WINE problem is the current EV solution appears to need more than a bog standard Windows API. It isn't designed to be OS agnostic so I guess EV are stuck without an expensive rewrite that won't do anything but possible regress their main market. That's why they say no. Though adopting NixNote/Java and sorting it into a distributable version using current libraries may be an alternative inexpensive solution. They could keep it third party to mitigate the ongoing support costs. Not perfect but it would at least keep the Penguinistas quiet. That must be worth something! Or they can hire me. I could do it, but will not write my own software and pay a fee to use it. LMAO
  6. Obviously, asking for a native Linux client in QT or something is never gonna happen. However, there are two options: 1 - hire experienced developers and design around WINE compatibility. 2 - use a Java base - and tweak for each platform: Linux, mac, and that other o/s
  7. Obviously, asking for a native Linux client in QT or something is never gonna happen. However, there are two options: 1 - hire experienced developers and design around WINE compatibility. 2 - use a Java base - and tweak for each platform: Linux, mac, and that other o/s
  8. Try marching into Wal-Mart and demanding that they sell you a car. If you are lucky, you will only get laughed at. But since you think that sort of thing is ok, maybe I should demand that you write an EverNote replacement that will run on Linux. See how well that works? If somebody *does* write an EverNote replacement that is suitably cross-platform, I may well buy it -- and drop my premium subscription to EverNote, even though the cost only amounts to a flea-bite. But jumping up and down and pitching a fit because EverNote doesn't see fit to do it is unlikely to accomplish much -- except getting yourself laughed at. What are you talking about, crazy Duck Man? Your analogy is far off kilter, I cannot help but to think you're stoned. Let's put this in perspective: I go to the local car dealer and all they have are snowmobiles. I tell them, "I would buy one if I could commute to work on it. But we live in Arizona and it never snows here, they are not even capable of driving on the freeway. If you ever get a nice sports car, or SUV I might do business with you". See the difference between right field, left field, and even being close to the ballpark?
  9. You don't feel entitled to demand software is made for the operating sytem in use, before paying any money? Do you demand bags fit your vacuum? Or just buy anything people sell you?
  10. So you're saying that if people want something they should just shut up beacuse life isn't fair? Great attitude!Btw; cool nick.... +1 Linux version +1 Redo the osx client to be more like the windows version Obviously people don't understand supply and demand. While at the original time Evernote may have felt there wasn't demand, but it's our work to change that. Anyone who thinks it's final should look at companies that don't adapt. I mean Microsoft is considering going open source and porting .net to Linux. There is demand for .net on Linux. A quiet voice is no voice... I could not agree more. I know M.S. has yet to port Onenote to Linux, but Office is marketed to create a need for Windows. Even porting office to a Mac does that; lets a designer share proofs documents with customer service and bean counters on Wndows. However, the most simialr product (marketing wise), Microsoft has is Skype. Yep... they continiue to devleop Skype for Linux: ap-get install skype. What about another product that is close to Everneote in terms of revenue and user-base? Dropbox: apt-get install dropbox. C'mon evernote: if Keepnote ever goes in the cloud and establishes a good app for OSX and Windows with a good wizard to transfer my Evernote notebooks, you guys will lose out. I pay for both Skype and DropBox, but only use free. If there were a Linux evernote client AND better tools for code snippets in Evernote I'd sign up for a paid account ASAP. Give us something to pay a premium for and we'll signup for premium serives....
  11. An off-topic comment asking to stay on topic? The irony. Mods are not white-nights, they are people not gods.
  12. What exactly do you mean with "the Evernote App"? The web app or the just released native ChromeOS app (ported from Android)? I mean a Chrome App. Google Chrome has "Apps" that run off Chromium. They are developed in NodeJS and use Chrome's NodeJS Engine. There are VNC clients, RDP clients, etc.... Very similar in concept to ChromeOS. Practically the same as Chrome OS uses Chromium as a NodeJS engine as well. Its trivial to port a CromeOS App to run off Chromium in any operating system. If in doubt look at the screenshot. Every App for Evernote just uses HTTP and HTML with the operating systems native rendering engine. They just use a library in Xcode or Visual Studio. Just download Chrome and go to the Chrome App Store. Search for Evernote... Then it will appear in Chrome's Apps. You right click and add a shortcut to your dock etc..
  13. No offense, but I find it sad that someone doesn't know how to use a dictionary and/or fully comprehend the meaning of a word. "Affiliated" is a useful word b/c one does not need to be EMPLOYED by a company in order to get some sort of benefit by promoting a company. I would suggest you make a note of that. It may come in handy someday. https://www.godaddy.com/affiliates/affiliate-program.aspx As to your other comments, it appears you are the one wanting a flame war. Please abide by the forum code of conduct & refrain from name calling/flaming. Thank you. https://discussion.evernote.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules Affiliated DOES NOT mean employed. It's nice to know I'm getting personally attacked by moderators. This is a direct reflection of Evernote in my opinion. Being a moderator of the forums, you are unprofessional that my company will be canceling their subscription to Evernote. You have lost the company about $150 per month. I will not do business with a company that is AFFILIATED (being on a mod the forums you are DIRECTLY OFFICIALLY CONNECTED). You are just dumb enough to be officially a MODERATOR w/o being compensated. Further more, your comments and the guy's are just as out of bounds. What was the saying, practice what we preach. You might was well ban me from the these forums. As I don't think I'll be using Evernote anymore. Neither will anybody in the I.T. Department where I work. We will most likely be switching to a solution that offers more professional service in public forums. BTW - That's GoDaddy, a web hosting company, not a dictionary; here's a little help: officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization."the college is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin"synonyms: associate with, unite with, combine with, join (up) with, link up with, team up with, ally with, align with, band together with, federate with,amalgamate with, merge with;
  14. Evernote certainly does respect their users. Just because they don't do something you want them to do doesn't mean they are disrespecting you. A company is not a democracy. Those in charge have to make choices & they have chosen to not make a Linux client. And lastly, they are not dictating (or even trying to dictate) what OS you use. No offense, but I find it funny you spend more time defending Evernote than answering OP's original question. You hate penguins! Admit it! After all, you are not affiliated with Evernote? Right? No offense, but I find it funny that the person BnF was responding to (Metallica) did not pose any question at all; they just made the laughable assertions that Evernote doesn't "respect" Linux users, and that the fact they don't make a native Linux client somehow makes the world less democratic and more authoritarian.Or if you're talking about the OP who actually started the topic, their question has been amply answered. BTW, the moderators are not Evernote employees. That has nothing to do with how we feel about penguins. No offense, but I find it funny a person uses a note taking application doesn't know the meaning of the word affiliated. Affiliated doesn't mean employed. Might want to make a note of that. ;-) I really don't think this was any of your business anyway. You were either trying to defend a girl by being a night in shining armor. Are a total dill-wad. Or trying to start a flame war with me. Please explain the relevancy of your post? If you don't like my comment, I don't care. You're not the Internet avenger, and cannot make the Internet to your liking.
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