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  1. +1 for an elegant solution from Evernote (ideally one that does not require regedit or creation of manifest file). Just got a Yoga 3 Pro and was disappointed to come across this issue. Working with resolution and scaling adjustment for now, but not ideal.
  2. This couldn't have come at a better time! I'm thrilled that EN listened to the users on this one. Thank you! Now that the EN branding is out of the way, how about allowing custom footers or signatures making it possible for users to put their own brand or contact information on every e-mail without having to include it in the note?
  3. Thanks for that explanation, Lester! My apologies if I am overlooking existing documentation on the following: 1. What determines when the body of the note appears on the "title screen." In some cases, upon opening or moving to a note, only the title appears on screen? Then, space or page down navigates to the body. In others, the title appears at the top of the arrival screen ("title screen") for a note (in smaller text), with the beginning text of the body visible. Knowing what common triggers (CRLF, existence of any HR, etc.) cause that change in formatting would be very helpful. 2. Would it be a problem to treat any presented note that has HRs as having an HR at the top of the note? Adding a top HR looks odd outside of Presentation Mode since there is already a line dividing the note title. Without it, however, the first two paragraphs/items/strings separated by an HR are displayed as a single slide with too much space in between items. If the lack of a top HR caused the topmost body text to move into the arrival screen under the title, I could see that being a feature. But, that does not appear to be the case. Many thanks! I am glad to see this out of Beta for Windows. Will
  4. I very much agree with this request for manual entry of Contact information using the same form / template as is provided when scanning a business card. With the new, improved, LinkedIn Integration, it would be great to be able to trigger the LinkedIn lookup for previously-scanned cards/contacts. I would also love to see the abillity to gather similar LinkedIn information for new, manually-entered, contacts (not created by a businness card scan).
  5. On both iOS and Win8-beta, Horizontal Rules do not appear (and seem to be replaced with CRLFs). Sometimes a simple horizontal line is useful in clearly dividing topics or groups of topics in a note, but they would not be represented in ad-hoc presentation of that note. I wonder if some thought could be given to better ways to handle HRs in presentation mode that could retain their meaning/intention rather than just removing them.
  6. I am very excited about presentation mode for Windows 8.1, and just downloaded the Beta ( 271446) to try it out. Please forgive any ignorance of forum etiquette and protocols, I am new here too (but not new, by any means, to Evernote). Please let me know if these comments should be made elsewhere. My initial thoughts, having used the iPhone version of presentation mode, are these: 1. Presentation mode works fairly well when I am in regular desktop mode in Windows 8.1. The cursor trail seems a bit too heavy much of the time--distractingly so. I think it could be scaled down without losing impact. 2. In tablet and other touch-based, non-desktop, modes, using the desktop application: a. I would love to have the ability to swipe left or right between notes in the presentation. b. If swiping is not an option, then left an right arrows need to show up more readily. One has to touch an area near where those would appear in order to make any relevant options appear (the up arrow, night/day modes, anything that pops up based on cursor proximity). The touch cursor should, ideally, act more like the mouse / touchpad cursor (see c. below) c. Cursor tracking does not seem to exist at all when using touch instead of a mouse / trackpad. Can the cursor track how I move my finger in touch mode like it does in desktop? Currently, touch only allows a user to tap in a place to move the cursor to that place, rather than drag the cursor to a location. I suspect better touch features, eventually, will be included in Evernote Touch. I am not having the best luck getting that to work/sync, however, so am focusing on the desktop version as I prepare for my upcoming project. I anticipate that many users will want to be able to go from desktop to touch mode without having to manually change to the Touch app. For the Windows 8.1 computers that now have both desktop and touchscreen modes, it would be ideal, in my opinion, to allow users to move seamlessly between those modes and to provide them a user-friendly interface appropriate to each. Still, I'm excited to have this feature working well in desktop mode!
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