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  1. Good points - I just thought it would be easier to have seperate accounts for each type of account. I now have about 50 notebooks in each business and personal notebooks with different topics. I have not tried stacking but recall that can work. Nicer would be multiple folders under each primary folder and more than 1 level of subfolders like I have stuff organized on my harddrive. I use EN more for future info I might need and reference stuff. What I work on dailly is on hard drives. I especially like the web clipper and but I also use Ninja for some clippings but EN can do more than just clip it to add notes to clips etc. I have lots of stuff to reorganize. I am moving towards storing personal stuff DropBox and business stuff on onedrive for ever day work. I like having my own web server access rather than something like Gmail. My main e-mails of dave@davephx.com and dave@hutchisonRIA.com get about 50 incoming a day in each,and am now setting up dave@WØJKT.com (active in ham radio)
  2. I was thinking different email needed. I have a server so will set up another, for that purpose. Although was hoping to avoid it since already have about a dozen email accts to keep track of! Thanks
  3. Multiple account confusion adding 3rd I want to see what need to do to add a 3rd account for hobby. I read you can have up to 5 accounts. I have a personal that once was a Plus now personal. I have business that is also a personal. When I go to add an account (on Win10 app) it asks for email or username. I enter a different username (for the hobby) and it says not a valid email address. Ok so I try and set up a new 3rd personal account but says e-mail address is already in use. I don't have a 3rd email to use (business has different email). I have very low volume and never did more than 10% of old limits. I actually gave up on EN but didn't cancel and went to another. But with the new system using EN again. What and how is the best way - less costly since don't need all the extras to set up my hobby account so I can also have it listed along with my current personal and business account and switch to on my Win10 app. Thanks, confused Dave
  4. I love my WP Nokia 1520 but the time has come to move to Android. Recent year cars have Android Auto and Apple but no windows. MS has basically given up on WP so of course developers are not wasting time on 0.7% of the market and declining. I am mostly on PC but traveling and in the car for Waze, maps, keeping up with news, e-mails etc. WP has the apps required although been very frustrated with the mapping apps vs my standalone Garmin used for decades. I am waiting for the upcoming Pixal 2 or XL or LG V30 and a few other high-end Android phones which seem to have better initial pre-reviews than the latest Samsung.
  5. Geesh me too! I found this thread by searching for how to get rid of the popup on pdf's. I am Premium user on two accounts and like web clipper for other things but not this darn popup every time I open a pdf.
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