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  1. I love my WP Nokia 1520 but the time has come to move to Android. Recent year cars have Android Auto and Apple but no windows. MS has basically given up on WP so of course developers are not wasting time on 0.7% of the market and declining. I am mostly on PC but traveling and in the car for Waze, maps, keeping up with news, e-mails etc. WP has the apps required although been very frustrated with the mapping apps vs my standalone Garmin used for decades. I am waiting for the upcoming Pixal 2 or XL or LG V30 and a few other high-end Android phones which seem to have better initial
  2. Geesh me too! I found this thread by searching for how to get rid of the popup on pdf's. I am Premium user on two accounts and like web clipper for other things but not this darn popup every time I open a pdf.
  3. Oops.. but seems can annotate but not just edit the text in a screen clip.. still experimenting
  4. I found an even simpler way for me. If I have running minimized Evernote in the account I want it to go to - have options set up to clip screen shot in tray it will go to the right user. Very easy bring up Evernote and switch users without having to re sign in on Premium addition and then do the clip screen. I'm actually getting to like Evernote over prior use of Treepad, then overkill used Scrivener, then Onenote and now I think I will consolidate all to Evernote. But still have stuff in all the prior programs I used. I often clip parts of articles, arrange as notes, for the purpo
  5. Thanks for that clear idea which I like. So much can be done with EN once you can figure out the tactics to use.
  6. Don't have any notebooks really need to share. Understand the e-mail option.
  7. thanks that is what I sort of thought, not an easy way! I think I read somewhere I can open both accounts on the web (I have 5 monitors) and copy/paste or cut/paste but not sure and haven't needed to try it yet. Probably most clipping will be done to the newer #2 and didn't remember might be able to log in via the Chrome extension to the other account and leave it at #2 address since most used for clipping
  8. I set up recently account 2. I have EN account #2 open, but clips go to old acct #1 They are separate for business/personal. I log into chrome and sync using a gmail address that is not the same as either EN account e-mail, so that isn't controlling it.
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