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  1. This is what I find so interesting as well ! Ok sure, I assume the idiot managers likely don't use Evernote much but surely someone in the company must!?! If they did though I just don't see how on earth they would have released it. Baffling to me.
  2. It's taken me a lot of work to try out various different solutions. I went with Note Joy. It isn't a perfect fit for me but its light weight and pretty fast. I need something simple for just text and images that is fast and reliable with historical archival features. What is great to see is that as a small company they are really responsive and something I asked for inclusion has already been added to the software (it had been requested already but it seemed that me asking as well assisted). I've already ended up having a few conversations with the CEO as a result of msgs I left asking if x or y is possible.
  3. Hurrah... downgraded to the free edition and on my way to another note taking platform at last
  4. Hmmm ok... so evernote 10 is orders of magnitude slower than the previous version... I better start planning 18 hour days in order to adapt.
  5. The problem I have personally @PinkElephant is that EN have chosen to develop this in a very slow cross platform tool. I'm a developer and I find it very hard to see how they are going to get significant performance boosts out of the Electron platform they've chosen to develop the new v10 with. It's not exactly known for performance, even still I must congratulate the EN team on producing such a slow comparatively simple program. This is after all a note taking program. Not an NLE... not a 3d animation studio... no, a note taking program. It should run liquid fast on anything made in the last 10 years. I have a cutting edge brand new top of the range mobile and it runs insanely slow. It's just an embarrassment. And so for me, I really can't see a future with EN as I just can't imagine them obtaining anything near fast performance with this platform they've chosen.
  6. I think that will only float for a small number of people. I think a lot will just change app. That's what i think I'm going to do. Currently researching alternatives.
  7. It seems that the plan is clearly to phase out these classic versions of the apps... after all, why would they keep them running if the new versions has clearly been driven by the desire for the exact opposite from the EN side, ie to streamline development. (at the huge cost of performance, features and stability). How can installing a third party APK be a valid solution? Both in terms of security issues and simply due to the fact that it seems to be putting off the inevitable and at some point the app will start to fail to function or support will be blocked. In my opinion what EN have done is disastrous and it seems like you've drunken way too much of their Kool-Aid gazumped.
  8. If lots of your customers leave your product because they can't stand the downgrade of user experience then this is not an improvement.
  9. Biggest issue for me is performance. I have an i7 desktop and it's sluggish. I've a google pixel 5, a new mobile phone and the performance is atrocious. I'm guessing from looking around under the hood that this new version of the app was made in Electron? Javascript coding desktop apps is never going to make for great performance but this is another level of slowness. It's just ridiculous, it's a note taking app, it should be about the fastest program possible yet it performs like I'm using photoshop to edit multi-gigabyte images. I mean seriously, just how many real world users did evernote test this app with? I just don't understand how it was released. And knowing that it was made in this slugging platform I can't see the speed really improving. Another lost user.
  10. Or at least have the option to include/exclude extensions when importing. If you think about it, if someone is using the import folder feature for a one off import, its likely that most of their notes don't have .txt or something similar in the title. So to suddenly batch import notes and end of with a load that have this is quite ugly.
  11. For me 6.11 is acceptable again after being horribly slow changing notes before. I still personally feel it should be faster evernote team! I run the software on multiple systems, all i7 cpus and most of my notes are just a couple of KB in size with no formatting!
  12. So it seems the gods were listening.... the Windows desktop release 6.1.22 just launched is much faster for changing between notes... typing inside of notes i personally didnt have an issue with.
  13. I've found this topic as I've really noticed a slow down in performance in recent updates (I cant be specific to a version number but over the last month or two at a guess). Specifically, clicking between notes in the list and waiting for them to appear in the editing window below now takes a second or two. This is on multiple computers I have evernote installed on. All are i7 CPU systems and it should be instantaneous! These are text only notes of a few kb.. I'm not asking the program to render anything complex. This performance decrease I've noticed recently has really altered my experience of evernote for the worse. Please assist!
  14. This to me is a totally logical feature that I would expect the program to do, if not by default by an option somehow. There are so many scenarios when the starting content of a document you are importing are NOT going to be anything like ideal or even clear in terms of source material to generate a title from. Please add this as an option some how.
  15. I too would love to see this... can't believe the program has no image handling functions considering people are going to be grabbing images and pasting into it all the time. More than anything doing this would probably save Evernote a load of storage space as people would often crop and shrink down images!
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