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  1. +1 There should be some kind of thumbnail feature in the Desktop Version. Just like in the mobile app. The pictures are displayed way to big. thanks regards, Dave
  2. Hey guys I really LOVE evernote. But I can't understand the lack of two really basic functions 1) Zoom Okay you can resize the text with CTRL-+/- but thats NOT a zoom. It is really annoying if you often print you notes. I usually have to print every not two times since I scaled the font-size to 15pt (to have more reading comfort (Macbook Retina)) but if I print the stuff I mostly forget to scale it down again to 11 or 12pt. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this feature and replace the XTR-+/- shortcut with a real zoom. This is really standard in every normal Programm. 2) Click to edit Another annoying issue on the mobile Version (Android): Why is there a difference between View-Mode and edit mode? My former notes app was quite crappy but if I clicked somewhere in the note I could directly edit it. The cursor was at the point where I clicked. In Evernote I have to clik "menu button", click edit button and then (I really HATE this) it goes back to the beginning of the note. And I have notes with a lot of pages (I use note for almost everything). This is completley non-intuitive thanks & regards, Dave PS: Why do I have to choose a plattform here? I guess the mentioned problems are cross plattform...
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