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  1. I canceled my subscription because of this lack. My problem was different, I wanted the fonts to be smaller, but font control is why I stopped using the app. I migrated to Apple notes. For what I was paying and what I was getting for what I used it for, it just didn't make sense anymore.
  2. does an improved editing engine mean that some sort of font and size controls are in the works for mobile clients? One of my weird editing quirks is that I can specify font size in the app, and the iOS clients merrily ignore it. And there's no unified font family between the web and desktop and mobile versions from what I can tell -- I have a bunch of notes that start in helvetica, switch to arial, switch back to helvetica later on, based on what platform I used to edit the note.
  3. It seems that evernote does not keep don't parity between web, mobile, and desktop versions. Web and desktop seem to use helvetica and desktop seems to do arial. I have a feeling that evernote ignores font sizes when it can't match a font family. I used to set the font size to 8 or 9 point font in the desktop or web client and the font was synced to the phone. I'm having trouble getting this to work now, I'm not sure if it broke when I updated or if it broke when I set the default font to be 8 or 9 point instead of 12. Either way, the result is the same, it doesn't work, and there appears
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