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  1. I tested it. I made a note on my Galaxy note tablet and tried editing it on my HTC phone. I got a message reminding me to be in editing mode. Somewhere you should see a pen and paper icon that is the icon to edit any part of that note. It is confusing because it looks similar to the icon to create a new handwritten note. Once I clicked on the edit icon, I could then click on a handwritten note, and edit the handwriting. Be sure both devices have the latest version of Evernote. If none of that works, I'd contact Evernote support because it might be a bug. They've been very helpful. Thanks for the help. It was a bug. For someone who has the same bug. I earsed all data on the tablet and the phone (the app Data in the Appmanager). After this I reinstalled Evernote on both devices. Now it works.
  2. I use a Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 (first edition). Both have a Stylus. So i was very happy to see the new Evernote Android with Handwriting When i create a Handwriting note on one of my Android devices i can edit it with the Handwriting tool on the other. Example: I create a note an my Galaxy Note 2 an make an Handriting attachment to the note and write somthing on it. Then i open the note on me tablet. When i click on the handwriting attachment, i can only edit with Sktich not with the Handwriting tool Is this a bug on my Phone or Tablet? Can anybody else test this ???
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