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  1. Brauchbare Handschriftliche Notizen in Evernote zu erstellen ist nachezu unmöglich. Jedoch finde ich die Überschrift falsch gedacht. Es sollte einen Übergreifende Unterstützung für Handschriftliche Notizen für alle Betriebssysteme geben, auf denen Evernote läuft (Android, Windows, IOS, Macos). Keine Einzellösung für bestimmte Betriebssysteme. Im Moment experementiere ich viel mit One Note herum (Läuft auf allen Systemen). Meine Überlegungen: Wenn Evernote nicht die nötige Kompetenz im eigenen Haus hat, sollte eine enstrechende Software hinzugekauft und implementiert werden (Z.B. Incredible, bietet funktionierende Lösung für IOS und Android).
  2. I tested it. I made a note on my Galaxy note tablet and tried editing it on my HTC phone. I got a message reminding me to be in editing mode. Somewhere you should see a pen and paper icon that is the icon to edit any part of that note. It is confusing because it looks similar to the icon to create a new handwritten note. Once I clicked on the edit icon, I could then click on a handwritten note, and edit the handwriting. Be sure both devices have the latest version of Evernote. If none of that works, I'd contact Evernote support because it might be a bug. They've been very helpful. Thanks for the help. It was a bug. For someone who has the same bug. I earsed all data on the tablet and the phone (the app Data in the Appmanager). After this I reinstalled Evernote on both devices. Now it works.
  3. I use a Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 (first edition). Both have a Stylus. So i was very happy to see the new Evernote Android with Handwriting When i create a Handwriting note on one of my Android devices i can edit it with the Handwriting tool on the other. Example: I create a note an my Galaxy Note 2 an make an Handriting attachment to the note and write somthing on it. Then i open the note on me tablet. When i click on the handwriting attachment, i can only edit with Sktich not with the Handwriting tool Is this a bug on my Phone or Tablet? Can anybody else test this ???
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