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  1. people have been asking for this for quite a few years but evernote are unable or unwilling to add this feature. workarounds are to open a new note, copy paste your paragraph in there. or use any other word processor. Found this thread from 2013 for instance:
  2. I think it was 8.3 that started evernote mobile (iPhone 6+) to start hanging on start up or on coming back to it. closing and reopening the program generally fixes it, but it's pretty irritating if you want to dash off a quick note. maybe i need to find where I hid the apple note app...
  3. Yep ctrl-z has always been weird. Glad to hear it's a bit better now. It's also complicated by the annoying lack of word-count for highlighted sections. That is, to get word count for a section, you need to copy it into a new note, or delete the other text and restore thereafter. But the weird behaviour of ctrl-z can make losing text very hazardous if you need to get sectional word counts.
  4. this has been an issue the last couple of releases. for the note that is being edited while in card view, the card is blank. I noticed a comment on this on the beta forum so I guess evernote are aware of this but are unable to fix it.
  5. Thanks for your response gazumped. I'm more asking about the order in which things happens - if there is any way to go back once you have selected 'photo' and change it to 'document.' When you save a photo of a document, it has colour and other things that aren't necessary. But when you take a photo and select 'document', it looks much cleaner. See the contrast below. Both from the same book; the one on the left I saved as default (photo) whereas I realised I could save as document for the second. The second is much more pleasing to the eye and easier to read. So I wondered if there was a process within Evernote to go back and fix it. But it sounds like, short of retaking the photos as documents, there isn't.
  6. This is not a question about turning photos into text, but about the options to save a photo as a photo or a document - where it flattens it out and makes it black and white. It's a great feature and I like it. My question is: once you (I) errantly save something as a photo, can you go back and turn a photo into a document? I can't seem to be able to do that, either on my iPhone, or on my laptop. So I took a bunch of photos of pages of a book, but didn't change the option from photo to document. Is there any way to change this now the photos have already been saved as photos? Thanks in advance.
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