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  1. Yeah I understand, but then I'd need a new note for every artist. I was hoping to be able to do it with a note being a list of artists, because in the note-per-artist scenario, there's not any actual content I wanted to store as the note text; it would simply be the note title (artist name) that I'd be tagging. Anyway, I think a note-per-artist solution is probably as close as I'll get with Evernote. Thanks for your reply.
  2. I want to create, for want of a better term, a "Musical TODO List", and I'm unsure of how to structure it effectively. Basically, I want to write the names of artists (groups, bands, composers) that I know enough about to know that I want to listen to their music at some point in the future. It's an exercise in furthering my musical education, I guess. Evernote seems pretty well suited to this because I can quickly jot down an artist's name as I think about it and get back to work. However, the right combination of notebooks, notes and tags is eluding me. I'd really like to classify artists by genre, but the problem is that many artists fit into more than one genre. If I have a notebook called "Musical TODO", and under that I have some notes for example: Musical TODO 60'sBluesFolk70'sRock n RollRockabillyetc......then if a particular artist fits into more than one genre then I'll need to record their name in multiple notes...seems pretty clunky. And given that I can't tag a single line of a note (you can only tag the whole note), the only way I could see to do it with tags would be to have each artist with its own note, and apply whatever genre tags to that, which seems equally clunky. Anyone got any ideas how I could do this better with Evernote? cheers Ian
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