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  1. I am using EverClip (Web Clipper) from noinnion on my Android tablet and it doesn't seem to have that problem. I get a title, a clickable link, and a picture.
  2. OK I have found a solution and I feel pretty silly for not trying this in the first place. Basically just use "Everclip". Share the particular page/url using "Everclip", not Evernote. Don't worry about the "preview" area unless you want to, just save the note. When it syncs with Evernote on your laptop or desktop just click the note and the url will be on the top of the note. Easy, done! I can't believe I didn't use this earlier, duh.
  3. I trust you've read through the thread, since you're the one who started it. I think Wordsgood & my posts are pretty clear. They may be considered a bit of hijacking...but really not so much, since Wordsgood is interested in the same topic & I simply informed him/her how to follow the thread w/o having to post a non-contributing post. I think it's safe to assume if either of us had an answer to your question, we would have posted it. Just checking....it is kind of silly that it is so hard. I am not sure why there isn't a choice to save a link as a bookmark like on the Chrome extension.
  4. Oh ok thanks. I am so used to reps scanning the forums. I save a lot of articles that show up on my rss news feeds for reference. Then when I open them on my desktop I need to be able to click it. As of right now I have to convert it to a hyperlink, to make it clickable. When I save a URL from my chrome browser I have the option to save it many ways. I use the "bookmark" one a lot because it is clickable and gives me a snippet. The Evernote android app does not give you a choice and I find that odd. There must be a way to do the same thing in android as I do in chrome. Surely someone else is noticing this lol.
  5. I have been spending a lot of time converting url’s to clickable url’s in Evernote. This happens whenever I share a note on my Android tablet or cell phone. For some reason Evernote doesn’t turn the text into a link so I have to manually do it on my Evernote Win 7 software. I share a lot rss feed url’s from my tablet and cell phone so it would be nice to find an easier way. I love Evernote but this is a little time consuming.
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