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  1. (first, sorry for my english level, it is no my native language) I find, sometimes, Onenote better than Evernote on my PC, for several reasons. It allows to organize myself a more visual way, like I'm on a paper notebook. The main Onenote feature I love is the way to hyperlink or tag not only notebook, but each paragraph I wrote. This is something Evernote can't do, at the momen (hope...). THAT SAID: Going on the mobile side make Evernote win by KO with a huge advance. At least for Android I only know, Evernote is full of great feature, while Onenote is weak, poor, not ergonomic, empty of all the features I like in the desktop app : no way to tag, link, filter, etc. In a word: unusable. That's why I keep with Evernote (desktop and mobile), beacause of the reliable ecosystem it offers.
  2. You're right. But I think that its more than separate work/personnal. If we could mark out the range of searched notes in global search and related notes, it could be more usefull.
  3. I think it could be nice if we had the ability to: - set the folders where related notes are searched/found. - right click and edit tags or copy link of such displayed related notes
  4. It's a workaround, but it limits the way you organize your staks, because it's a 2-levels-only hierachy. and it doesn't solve the related-notes display
  5. I agree with you, in-doc search provides too many results, with no direct access, therefore you have to search twice (one in evernote and one in the doc itself), it's useless and tedious.
  6. Mmh , it sounds frustrating not to be able tu use the desktop version for all my stuff, and paying two premium accounts is not possible for everyone. I think that allowing to set the limit range of the global search and the "related notes" (is it the word?) would be good enough and not that complicated. There is already a "limit search to present context" (translation?) that could be a enhanced to fit the need.
  7. Hi Kingofpop, I'd also like to separate things. Wordsgood, it's not a matter of switching to another software, Evernote is very nice and usefull. But when you are in front of colleagues, clients, or pupills (I'm a teacher), it's annoying to display your private stuff in the search function, or, worse, in the continiously displayed "notes connexes" (excuse me I don't know the english word for the suggested notes that are displayed below the notes.
  8. Yesterday, at first install, the presentation mode was working with a pointer having a nice "remanent colored tail" (I'm not english native and the word might not be the good one) Today, there is only the colored circle, but no tail anymore. Does someone experience this issue ?
  9. I have completely reinstalled windows 8 from zero, and now, the problem seems to be fixed. It must have been a registry issue due to multiple softwares installation/uninstallations
  10. Hello, I have similar problem. Switching from one note to another one sometimes takes 7 or 8 seconds. During this time, I even can modifiy the "supposed to be previous" note, before the "waiting to be next" one actually displays. I already have uninstalled an reinstalled, optimized databaze, etc. no way. It is slower and slower. I'm on a i7 laptop with Windows 8.1, premium subscription. robisme
  11. Sorry, I didn't see that you specifically want not to be able to edit the notes. One way would be to have another evernote account that you could share with yourself (not a preium account). This way, the Evernote notes won't be editable. You just have to share the text by mail to the Evernote Mail adress, and it will be shared with your daily Evernote account. This is just an idea
  12. Excuse me if I don't understand, but I think what you need is someting I use everyday : use whatever ebook reader, and select a text, and clic "share" to Evernote and voilà. I like Cool Reader (free) or even better Mantano Reader, which also have a paid cloud service that sync your annotations and even notes with Internet and other of you devices. Try this one, I'm sure you will love it. http://reading.mantano.com/
  13. Just export to mht and it will open with Word, then save it as a docx.
  14. Hi Juggy, You could try to use another software. I mean DOCEAR http://www.docear.org/ It is base on the mindmapping app Freeplane, with some extra functions. It allows you to automatically create a mindmap from highlighted and even anotated PDFs You could then export the mindmap to Word, and copy the text to Evernote, or directly copy the mindmap to Evernote. Not sure this is exactly what you are searching for, but if it can help.
  15. at first sight, the kinks are green, but when I press ctrl+space, they turn blue and are actually web links
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