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  1. (first, sorry for my english level, it is no my native language) I find, sometimes, Onenote better than Evernote on my PC, for several reasons. It allows to organize myself a more visual way, like I'm on a paper notebook. The main Onenote feature I love is the way to hyperlink or tag not only notebook, but each paragraph I wrote. This is something Evernote can't do, at the momen (hope...). THAT SAID: Going on the mobile side make Evernote win by KO with a huge advance. At least for Android I only know, Evernote is full of great feature, while Onenote is weak, poor, not ergonomic, empty of all the features I like in the desktop app : no way to tag, link, filter, etc. In a word: unusable. That's why I keep with Evernote (desktop and mobile), beacause of the reliable ecosystem it offers.
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